The art of writing an effective sales page

The world is going the virtual way! There is no doubt about it. It began with online booking of tickets moved on to online banking and within a year we had created an entire new niche in the virtual domain called internet marketing.

People quickly realized that everyone was online at least for some time during the day. And they learned to use face book, twitter and pinterest to talk about their products and services. Even as we write this article, we know that this is quickly changing to short concise write ups for smart phone apps these days.

Which brings us to the center point of the matter – How can we effectively use the virtual medium to sell our products and services?

Real life ‘word of mouth’ advertising or advertising over the mass media (TV, Radio and Newspapers) are an expensive way of marketing your products/services. Internet marketing on the other hand – is free and serves the purpose for which it was created very effectively.

But we need to create those sales pages creatively, correctly and properly. We need to understand the latest trends of internet marketing because it is evolving and changing rapidly.

Here is a list of handy hints and tips that will prove to be worth your while: Writing a killer sales page is the first thing that we need to do. Read more Write a Sales Page When You Hate Selling

Step 1: Study, Analyse and Master the skill of creating a killer sales page

Look at other sales pages that particularly grab your attention. Study them objectively.

Slice through the fluff and see if this is the way you want to create your own sales page. Tap in on your latent creativity.

You will be amazed to discover the writer within you. Know that a good sales page is one of the most effective ways of generating awareness about your product or service in the online world.

An effective sales page will enable you to sell your products to the people who need it the most.

It is an art and a craft that you can hone to perfection if you dedicate some time to create it.

With a little practice you can easily master this skill.

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Step 2: Focus on a catchy appropriate headline

Allow your intuition and creativity to guide you. Some people prefer to write the headline after the entire article has been crafted. Others prefer to create a headline first and then the write up is created around the title. Do what works best for you- but know that this is the first thing that the visitor will see. It needs to create the impact immediately.

Only then will the visitor want to read the rest of the article.

If the caption/headline lacks punch or is not in any way related to the write up or is much too fluffed up……the visitor is bound to simply close the window or switch tabs.

You have about 8 seconds to grab the attention of the viewer and sustain his interest …. Do this with utmost care and attention.

Else all your efforts of creating quality content will be futile.

Some people prefer to write out a list of 10 possible titles for their write up. They then take the opinions of other people who are able to view it objectively. Some use an interesting combination of numbers, symbols and words to generate interest. Yet others prefer to refer to eBooks that have compiled a list of catchy inspirational and effective headlines.

Again - Allow your intuition to guide you – and then learn from the experience. Refrain from using any kind of software to spin a headline – it will do more harm than good to your sales page.

Step 3: Narrate unique experiences

Obviously you are trying to sell something.

Use your real life experience or visualize creatively a story of your own making involving the product or the service you are trying to sell.

It works – every time!

People love to read a good story and always appreciate true experiences or the creativity that has gone into concocting one.

Half your battle is won when you have sustained the interest of the visitor. The visitor will want to read the entire story to see how it all ended.

The content has to be good. The tone of the write up has to be just right. It needs to convey the message subtly but in an entertaining manner at the same time. It needs to revolve around the product/service that you are trying to sell. This may all look tough – but is not all that difficult if you are keen on getting this concept right. Contact your customers. Interact with them when you deliver the product or the service and ask them for their opinions and feedback. Observe their response when they see and open the product. See for yourself the minor ripple that your product created in their lives. And then write about it with feeling. It works – every time. Words can create magic…….if used rightly.

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Step 4: The experts’ suggestions

Psychologists and experts have conducted surveys to come to interesting conclusions. We all do imbibe things at a subconscious level without realizing it. Behavioural patterns and even beliefs can be imbibed by our subconscious minds during our growing up years.

We do not even realize that these imprints have such a strong impact on our day to day thinking patterns.

Using trigger words, highlighting embedded commands, using features like bold, italics and underline or the use of colours to highlight important words have the power of influencing the subconscious minds of the visitors. The impact will linger in their minds and hearts and they will consciously look up your sales page and visit your site to reconfirm their thoughts about your product/service. Which is what you ultimately want – isn’t it? Do use such seemingly simple but innocuous tools to your advantage. They work!

Step 5: Be creative but stay within the framework of the regular template.

At the end of the day – people are looking up your site only because they are thinking of buying some product that you have. Be creative by all means. Adapt your writing style to suit the page you are creating it for. But a sales page has to talk about and revolve around your product/service. If you create too long winded a story that looks highly unbelievable- you will end up harming your sales figures instead of boosting them. People know when things are projected realistically and when things are fluffed up. So refrain from going overboard with the creativity. Several readymade templates are available on the internet. Select one that you feel will work best for you and then go ahead and write that sales page. Think about it for a couple of days. Change it, amend it, edit it – but finally you will intuitively know which one will serve your purpose most effectively.

The last step

Go ahead and upload your great killer sales page on all the relevant pages of your website and see all those lovely enquiries turn into a real life sale!!! All the very best to you!!