6 Essential WordPress Plugins 2015 and beyond

WordPress empowers more than 23% of the internet, which in fact means a lot of websites. The reason people are more attracted to WordPress is that it does not require a specialized degree in computer science or ecommerce to use. Someone with basic knowledge of the internet and how content management systems works can use it without a fuss.

The best thing about WordPress is that the user can find plug-ins for almost everything he wants from his WordPress website. According to the official website, there are more than 35,000 WP plugins and the number is increasing day by day. The problem here is that what are the plugins that you really need to get through 2015? Here is the list of 6 essential WordPress plugins for 2015 and beyond that you simply cannot ignore.

W3 Total Cache:wordpress plugins

If you want to make sure that your websites load smooth throughout 2015, you cannot ignore W3 Total Cache. It is one of the most downloaded plugins having more than 4.1 million downloads until December 2014 and the number is rising with every new WordPress installation. W3 Total Cache helps in decreasing page load time, compresses WordPress data for less bandwidth usage and improves overall page performance.

W3 Total Cache

WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO cannot be ignored but what if you do not have time to manage everything it requires from you? Get your hands on WordPress SEO by Yoast, the simplest, easiest and most successful SEO plugin for WordPress. After you have this plugin installed, it allows you to include target keywords, meta tags and meta description, generate XML sitemaps, configure .htaccess and robots.txt file and has social media integration. Its page analysis feature gets you rock in rolling with Google way earlier than you ever expected. For 2015, this plugin cannot be ignored. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Jetpack by WordPress

For anyone who is new to this CMS, Jetpack plugin is nothing less than a mentor from heaven. Developed by WordPress itself, it is a combo of over 30 features in one plugin. Jetpack allows easy customization of WordPress themes, provides various content tools and visitor engagement options and helps in improving site performance many times over. For someone who does not want to spend a lot on subscribing to multiple plugins, it is the best choice without a second thought. Jetpack by WordPress

 WooCommerce by WooThemes

Running an ecommerce website was never as easier as it is now and thanks to WooCommerce by WooThemes. Over 5 million downloads clearly show that this is the plugin that you need to go through 2015. This plugin is very powerful and impressively easy to use that anyone can transform a website into a fully loaded online store in just a few minutes. WooCommerce allows extensive customization to the website allowing a user to align his website to his needs, add payment gateways, shipping methods and lots more. WooCommerce


If the thought of losing your website for good sends chills down your spine, you need the BackupBuddy plugin. Although it is a paid plugin, it ranks way up in Essential WordPress Plugins for 2015 and beyond because of its ease of use and premium quality features. Therefore, whether you are planning to move your website to a new host, you want to migrate your content to a new domain or you just want to create backups of your entire website, BackupBuddy helps you get through like a breeze. Plus, if you have a lot on your table, you can schedule it for automated backups and link it to a cloud storage. In addition, it gives 1GB free cloud storage on subscription and can be used with almost all cloud storage. BackupBuddy

Buffer, Super Easy Social Media Management:

social mediaWith so many things going on, it is easy to get lost in social media. Buffer can help you with that. It connects various social media platforms with your WordPress website, helps you in queuing your posts ahead of time and gives you detailed insights into your posts how they are doing over time, which is one feature rare to find. You can log in with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and start sharing within minutes. Like WordPress, it also does not require loads of experience in social media and has easy to use features and customizations.