How to Submit Your Website to Google

Do you create videos for your blog? Then why not submit it to Google and gain huge traffic from it. Yes! you can create Google Video XML Sitemaps and then submit it to Google, and your video will be shown in the front page of Google when searched for relevant keyword. In my today’s article I’ll be telling you how to create these video sitemap and submit it to Google. Lets start :

What is video sitemap?

Video sitemap tells Google all about your video content. It tells the major search engine Google, where the video is located on your server and what is in the video through various tags like:

  • URL of page where video is displayed
  • Video file URL
  • Video player URL (if necessary)
  • URL of thumbnail for the video
  • Video title
  • Video description
  • How long your video is i.e duration time of video
  • Video tags

So, a sitemap helps Googlebots to understand your uploaded video fully.

How to create Video Stemap

  1. As told before, a stemap has total 9 tags, so use following code to create a videositemap.xml file. video:video <video:content_loc></video:content_loc> <video:player_loc allow_embed="yes” autoplay="ap=1"></video:player_loc> <video:thumbnail_loc></video:thumbnail_loc> <video:title>Grilling steaks for summer</video:title> <video:description>Get perfectly done steaks every time</video:description> <video:tag>steak</video:tag> <video:tag>meat</video:tag> <video:tag>summer</video:tag> <video:category>Grilling</video:category> <video:family_friendly>yes</video:family_friendly> <video:duration>600</video:duration> </video:video> Note : This code is for submitting only 1 video, if you’ve more than 1 video then you have to enter tag again and again by giving all the information about that video.

There are total 9 tags and you can get detailed information about them here.

  1. After creating a videositemap.xml file upload it in the root directory of your blog.
  2. Now, sign in your Google webmaster page
  3. Select your URL and in the left hand side, under Site Configuration click on Sitemaps. How to submit your website to google
  4. Now, at top click on Submit a sitemap, type videositemap.xml in it and then click on Submit Sitemap button and you’re done!

How to submit your website to google

As a normal sitemap, it will take some time for your videos to get index. So wait and enjoy!!