How to Build Web Forms that Convert Better

Web forms are an essential component of any website. They can have a significant impact on your conversion rates. Most businesses fail to recognize the value of web forms and their influence on sales. Web form design, layouts, and copy can determine whether you will convert a lead or lose it. In spite of their great influence, most businesses rarely test or change their forms and this makes it difficult for them to improve their conversation rates. There are certain aspects that a business needs to keep in mind when designing forms.

Design Short Forms

simple email formA short form will offer better conversion compared to a long one. Less is more when it comes to designing a web form. Use a minimum number of fields to motivate the user to sign up. In most situations, all you need is an email address. Eliminate all the optional fields on the form. You do not have to ask for all the data that you require immediately. Get the most important data and then contact the user for any additional information you need. In ideal situations, you should have a maximum of five fields. If you are designing just an email form, most probably all that you need is a message field and the user's email address.

Offer Value

It is essential to consider the value that you offer to the user to motivate them to fill the form. Most users want to know what is in it for them. Offer them something valuable on the form to get the users’ contact information. You have to give in order to get. The value can be a free tutorial, guide, or consult depending on your business.

Create Trust

html form sampleThe user has to trust you before they offer their personal information. You have to inform them about the intended use of the data. People like to feel that they are in control. Users will not fill up the form if they do not know how you will use the data. A privacy policy can also help to create trust. Reduce their fear by letting them know that their personal details will not be shared. Inform them that their privacy is guaranteed. Avoid using the word spam in your privacy policy. This makes the user associate your form with spam mail and discourages them from signing up. Also see: Usability Tips Based on Research

Meet Expectations

Users often have certain expectations before they fill out a web form. If you set up expectations in your web content, you need to meet them. Give your users something they expect to drive conversations. If began a campaign to help users find reliable professionals in your business field, the web form should highlight this.


Web form design has to focus on clarity. You have to be clear about the information that you require from the user. Avoid being vague or including misleading information on the form. The user should not have to “over-think” when filling in the form. It has to be a simple process and this is only possible if the form is clear. Include some explanatory text in a field to clarify what you need. This will eliminate any indecision in the user.

Web form design has to be well thought out if you want to convert better. Think about the information you require and your users then come up with a simple and clear design. [form image by secretSWC , vandelaydesign]