How to Use Tumblr to Promote Your Business


Do you wonder if Tumblr can help your business grow online? Are you unfamiliar with the techniques and methods of promoting your business on Tumblr? Do you wonder how to get started? If you own a business and seeking to target new set of customers who can share your brand and products, then Tumblr can indeed be a good choice. It is a popular blogging and social platform featuring over 130 million blogs. Promoting your business on such a wide platform makes all the sense. So how should you get started with it? Here are some tips for using Tumblr to promote your business.

Dress to Impress

First impression is the last impression! This principle applies to business promotions and marketing as well. In order to build a strong presence, you should make sure that you select a catchy page design for your profile. There’s a wide variety of free and paid page themes on Tumblr. You can choose between one, two, and three column layouts or grid structure. Make sure that you find a design that goes well with your business image. Most themes also let you customize to meet individual needs. Browse through the available design options and choose the one that fits your business in the best possible way.

Use tags to let users find your easily

Take advantage of Tumblr’s easy-to-use tagging system. All you need to do is start typing a word that best describes your business and Tumblr will suggest you a number of possible tags. Even though it takes less than a second to create one tag, it will substantially increase the likelihood of your content to be found online. Tagging system will definitely help you boost followers on Tumblr. Make sure you use easy taggers, and do not use more than 12 in one post. Using 7 to 10 post per post is considered to be idle.

Build Your Network Connections

Bringing exposure to your profile will help you build audience, and acquire new followers in shortest period of time. Social media is all about building strong networking connections and leveraging them. Begin with following and interacting with relevant Tumblr pages. Once you get hold on them, start sharing your content and make sure whatever you post make all the sense to your business. Move a step ahead with re-blogging, commenting or like posts from other blogs you follow. Re-blogging is an easy way to fit into the networking business.

Share more than you publish


In order to promote content on Tumblr, you will need to share more content to keep your business on the roll. Since it is a community-centered sharing platform, you should focus on re-blogging and sharing new content as important part of your Tumble promoting campaign. Sharing and re-blogging is the key to a successful business promotion and these activities, when done in the right manner can help your business grow rapidly among your target audience.

Create viral content

Content is the key when it comes to social media platforms and Tumblr is no different. Since Tumblr is more about images-based content, you get ample of opportunity to create unique content without having to worry about typical SEO factors. Tumblr is all about sharing and reposting content, which increases the probability that your content will reach to its new users when well-received. You may also choose to create a recurring theme to construct a unique kind of story line or consider producing different content each time.

From business perspective, using Tumblr to promote your business is a great way to find new audience. If you’re considering using Tumblr for your business needs, you’ll need to get ready to put in a lot of creativity and imagination to create exclusive and unique content each time you share. Make Tumblr an essential part of your business social media strategy and see how it will make you stand out in the crowd overnight.