Top Factors Affecting SEO Ranking

Search engines such as Google use more than 100 factors when ranking a site on their platform. All these factors are not equally important because some have much difference in the client’s market while some don’t have any direct influence on market status. The following is a review of some important top SEO factors that one needs to put into consideration when ranking a particular site.

On-Page factors:

The way in which the page of your site is optimized has got effects on its rankings especially from the search visibility point of view. seo factors tags

  • Keyword in H1 Tag- This is yet another relevant factor that serves as a description of the pages content. It is a good idea to include your keyword on H1 tag.
  • Keyword in title tag- The title tag is an important signal of search engine. It tag is meant to display the main title after a search result. It is ideal to place the keyword closer to the title’s tag end.
  • Using the keyword in the page copy- Using the keyword in the copy has got a big influence on the content available on the site.
  • Keyword description tag- This tag is relevant for gaining clicks form search engine searcher.
  • Duplicate content- Having similar content cross all pages of a site hurts your site’s ranking. As a result, you should have original copies of content on each page of your site for better SEO ranking.

Domain factors

Country TLD extension- This applies especially when your business targets local market. Experts suggest that having specific country extensions such as, .ie or .pl aids to achieve better ranking of a location.

Domain Registration- Search engines gives a top rank to domains registered for more than a year.

Domains history- It is possible that you are not the first person to register a domain. As a result, penalized domains affect current ranking of your site.

Off Page factors

PageRank of linking page- You should build links from high Page Ranks for higher linking of your site.

Link relevancy- Links from pages that relate to your pages subject carry more relevancy when it comes to ranking on search engines.

The numbers of linking pages- With SEO ranking, individual domains are better than single domains.

Links from homepage- Links from a home page of domain has more strength more than those on one of its pages.

Link anchor- It is also a strong ranking factor.

Diversity of link types – Too many links of the same type may be a spam indicator hence negatively impacting the ranking of your site.

Site factors

Sitemap- Aids search engine in indexing pages on your site. Sitemap is the most effective way of telling search engines the content inclusive.

Server Location- It helps to improve rankings of your site in that specific region or country.

Google Webmasters Tools integration- It is important to have your site verified at Google Tool Webmasters to aid in the indexing of your site.

Mobile optimized Site- Most researches use mobile numbers to research. This affects ranking of sites.

Domain trust- Sites that Google trust ranks higher. As a result, trust factors of your domain definitely going to pay off in ranking.


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