Top jQuery Plugins 2014


LightCase It is an adaptive, conscious and extendable lightbox plugin conceived by using jQuery. It works beautifully with all the familiar web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Webkit, etc. It also supports image, video, HTML5 content, iframe, swf, ajax call, etc. Documentation Demo

Structured Filter

It is a common Web UI used for building structured search or filter questions. You can create structured search queries such as “Contact numbers starting with alphabet A and Birthdays after 1/1/1980 and States in (NY, FL, and CA)”. A full JQuery UI widget supports different configurations and themes. Demo Documentation


It is a simple jQuery plugin for flexible images in conscious web design. Created after a twist on the old LOWSRC IMG feature, which would deliver a lower file size image first while an image with larger file size appear in its place later. However, if the plugin finds faster network or high resolution, then a higher resolution image takes the place. Documentation


justifiedJustified.js creates a justified image framework of supplied images to fill the entire space. It constructs an elegant image gallery with different sizes of images. All the images of a row have the same height. Demo

Before and After

Before and After plugin allows you to view an “after” rendition of any image as a cover to the original image. There is a handle in the plugin that allows the user to choose how much of each image he/she wants to view. Apart from containing the main image, the “before” and “after” slides may also contain other HTML components like caption. More info

Scalable Lightbox

Scalable Lightbox used in building artistic, conscious picture lightboxes. It has an index module that provides a synopsis with thumbnails likewise a lightbox module that shows high-resolution images in a responsive demeanor. Scalable Lightbox


HashtegnyHashtegny accumulates “hashtags” from popular social media platforms like Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc. User posts showed in a unique, engaging and vivid layout with endless features. Hashtegny


Gridstack is a plugin for widget outline. It is a drag and drop multi-column grid that allows user to create conscious bootstrap v3 favorable designs. Gridstack.js


A lightweight jQuery plugin enables dragging functionality on DOM elements without needing the jQuery UI library. The extension is also compatible with touch devices, trackpads, and other standard computer devices. jQuery.dragmove

jQuery Easy Ticker

jQuery Easy Ticker is a news ticker like extension that infinitely scrolls down the list. Easy ticker is also highly customizable as well as adjustable with endless features and works fine with all the leading web browsers. jQuery Easy Ticker

Classy Countdown

Classy Countdown plugin allows user easily create clear round countdowns. The extension is fully customizable and contains 12 elegant themes. These themes are modifiable and use HTML5 canvas to render the circles. Classy Countdown

Classy PayPal

Classy PayPal plugin allows user to add elegant PayPal buttons to their website for instant and secure payments. Classy PayPal


LazyFade is a jQuery extension that dissolves a row of elements with some lazy effects. Discoloration of each next element delayed marginally giving a valued touch to the entire development. LazyFade.js