Promoting Youtube Videos to Get Loads of Traffic

youtube promotionVisual adverts usually play a very critical role in creating awareness mainly because they stick to the mind faster than written or audio formats. Therefore, YouTube has become a great online platform for marketing products and services. However, millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day making the platform very saturated. Therefore, even though you have uploaded a great video on YouTube, the chances of internet users stumbling upon it are very low. In order for your video to obtain better visibility, it is important to learn how to promote the YouTube video effectively.

1. Optimize the video title and its description

youtube description

YouTube ranks videos based on visibility and traffic using its own search engine. This can be altered by adding video Meta descriptions giving a very brief summary of what the video is all about. Moreover, this works in the same way as SEO (search engine optimization) and you need to focus on the keyword that is commonly used by people when searching for your content and related media.

2. Use video Search engines

Uploading the video clip to YouTube is not enough to create the desired awareness. It is important to go an extra mile and add the video content to various video search engines such as Netflix and MetaCafe. In order to increase visibility probabilities, you need to choose the relevant niche for the video for relevance and optimization needs.

3. Video branding

Some people may use your video to advertise their media and content, and you may not benefit from their promotion. Video branding helps in those cases. This can be done using software like adobe illustrator which allows you to add in your links. Therefore, if someone uses your video, they will be promoting your content too.

4. Promote the video using social media plugins

Besides using social media to meet new people and interact with friends, many people today also use social media to discuss trending music, videos, and other events. MySpace and Facebook offer great platforms for advertising YouTube Videos. Therefore, you can upload your videos for Facebook and MySpace users to view and/or comment on. Additionally, you need to place a very captivating meta-description of the video. Trough social media such as Facebook and MySpace users, you can easily generate enormous traffic.

If you are advertising products or services through your videos, and have a mailing list of your target audience, you can also include links to your YouTube videos in the mails. This will direct them to view your video clips and also bring many people onboard.

Responding to other YouTube videos that have big follow-up is a very effective way of earning traffic to your videos. YouTube shares some similarities with other social sites; you must give in order to receive. When you comment on a video, a link to your video is created on your comments leaving a clear trail for other YouTube users to follow.

One of the greatest ways of winning your audience over and enlightening them on what you have to offer is marketing through videos. However, regardless of how great your video is, it is vital to optimize it for viewers and search engines in order to increase its visibility among internet users. [image credit: Wesley Fryer, marioanima]