How To Promote A Sushi Restaurant

sushi restaurentPromoting a sushi business especially a restaurant can be a daunting process to do. If you are planning to promote a sushi restaurant business, there are a quite many things that you need to make it successful. The restaurant experience of a customer is much different compared to most of other types of business. This is because it is created for the food and the decor, the service and even music as well. It is indeed hard conveying all this information in an advert. Therefore, you must be very creative with marketing and promotion to be successful. There are several low-cost but effective ways that you can use to advertise your restaurant business.

1. Create a social media page

social mediaAlmost all if not all social media such as Twitter, and Facebook are a great way of keeping in touch with most of your customers more frequently. Setting up a social media, for instance, a Facebook page is free. Make it public especially your potential customers so that they can become your fans on the social media page. You can also use social media to send out short messages announcing the upcoming events or the day’s specials. Interacting with your customers most often makes your restaurants their first priority when they are looking for a place to eat.

2. Offer loyalty cards

sushi restaurant Most restaurant businesses grow or die according the number of potential and loyal customers they have. Actually, it is not reasonable to sell one meal to your customers. Always try to be available and ready next time your customers are looking for a place to eat. Loyalty cards do not work the same way - they vary in the way they work, but most of them offer a free meal to customers who have had a specific number of visits in the same restaurant. There are several different types of sushi foods in sushi restaurants; by giving loyalty cards to your loyal customers is one way of promoting your business.

3. Make good use of local media

In your overall marketing strategy, the local media should be one of the most essential pieces of your strategy. In this industry, your business can possibly get a free and significant promotion by the disc jockeys, reporters and even editors. This is possible if you take your time sending some news releases to all available media in your locality, especially when you have special events.

4. Promote Online through your own website

It is quite common now a days for people to look for your website online before heading to your restaurant. So have one built. Just having your website is not enough most of the time though. Get an SEO expert and make sure you appear in searches. You need to be reachable online. As far as the design of your restaurant is concerned, get a good designer even though it is costlier. You need to have

  1. good, high-res photos of your sushi preparations
  2. an about page and directions to reach you
  3. Phone number displayed prominently

Also, put your menu online with a price calculator like this one.

5. Try to host tasting nights at your restaurant

sushi tastingThis is another great way of getting potential new customers, who are willing to taste the food in your restaurant. In these tasting nights, small portions of certain foods on the menu are offered free. Basically, make the tasting night an invitation-only event where you need to hand out your invitations to local media, business groups as well as other potential and influential individuals within your locality. You can also introduce beer and wine during this event only if your sushi restaurant is licensed.

Last yet importantly, offering complimentary meals can also promote your restaurant significantly. However, it is only effective if you take your time to consider your market carefully. Lastly, determining the capacity of your sushi restaurant can be also a major consideration to make. Decide whether your restaurant will be specifically for the lunches, or dinners, or even a place where for romantic dates.

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