Ideas to Promote a Business on Pinterest

Needless to say, social media has become an integral part of online marketing strategies for most businesses. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are playing a prominent role within the ever-growing marketing strategy. However, Pinterest has also become one of the most sorted out business marketing platforms in the recent times. It is a unique, image-based networking platform, designed for creative marketers in mind. Here are a few creative and unique ideas that you can use to promote your business on Pinterest.

 1. Custom Board

pinterest promotion

How about creating a custom board to showcase specific product or line of products? People are attracted to see pinned images that are accompanied with interesting description, and this is actually the most effective ways to increase organic ranking. You can pin images from your Facebook page, blogs, website and even pages from Google+. Each pin should create a link back to the original post, leading to cross-promotion of your business.

For instance; let’s say you sell kitchen appliances and you wish to promote your new range of coffee makers. Once you are aware of your target market and their specific requirements, you must start sharing pictures of your new product with interesting tags and keywords in the description. Discuss unique features that make your product different and worthy. You may use words like pause and serve, built-in grinder, integrated pods, and permanent filter.

This idea to market your products will not just draw the attention of your regular followers, but would also reach your potential clients. If you suspect to already have a loyal following, you must be sure about people who would love to share your products with their circle as well. This idea will positively compel your followers to pin the content from your website. All you need is to talk them into it and you have the work done, without putting any additional efforts. So how do you do it?

pinterest promotion group board

A group board is the way to go! A group board allows the marketer to add members who can actively participate in pinning content directly to your board. The benefits of this strategy include:

  •  You get to enjoy the benefits of small marketing team actively pinning on your behalf.
  •  The pinned content will go viral through followers of these features pinners, thereby extending your reach.
  •  This content is customizable as per the changing requirements of audience.

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3. Contest or Sweepstakes

pinterest promotion Sweepstakes Contests or sweepstakes offer one of the best promotion opportunities on Pinterest. Pinning a creative product with the giveaway and compelling call of action allows the marketer to promote sweeps, while boosting the overall reach and visibility of other online properties.

Using Pinterest to run a contest on other social media platforms and websites can help you drive enormous amount of traffic to the main website. Besides pinning your contest details, here are some other ideas that you can use to increase the pinning ratio:

Contest guidelines

  • Amazing facts about the giveaway
  • Details of the prize and how it can benefit the winners
  • Timeline of events in case of multiple sweepstakes

Excellent content is the key to increased revenue, but finding an excellent method to promote it is the much needed tilt for businesses nowadays. Give your content the second life with Pinterest by creating a fresh momentum to house it in. More Info: How to Run a Business-Smart Pinterest Contest

photo credits: thefoodieskitchen