7 Interesting Ways to Promote Infographics

Sharing infographics may be hard because of the noise that comes along with it. Even the most beautiful infographics require lots of promotion to get quality backlinks and generate many shares. Below are some useful tips, tricks and ways on how to best promote infographics especially if you have them in your pipeline.

1. Optimize your infographic.

It is important to start thinking how you will promote your infographic while writing it. This allows you to include all the relevant keywords for people to find it easily on search engines. Try to research on Google Adwords to get the best keywords for infographics and the tags that you will be using. Finally include most of your primary keywords in the title for it to be found easily on Google.

2. Encourage sharing.

Sharing is the easiest and the most effective way of promoting an infographic. You will have many people sharing it with their friend and followers on social media thus spreading the word about your new infographic. Make sure you have social sharing buttons for the major social networks at the bottom or top of your infographic post. It is also imperative to include a call to action aspect at the end of your post. These basic methods will grow your social media shares.

3. Promote them on social media.

share infographicsInfographics can be shared easily and many people are now sharing them on social media. Take them to all the major social networks and start promoting them heavily. Share them on Google+ and facebook, Instagram, tweet about them, Flickr and Pinterest. Include calls to action in your posts, tweets and encourage people to share them with their followers and friends. However, remember to leave enough space in your posts and tweets for people to retweet them easily without leaving out anything important.

4. Translate your infographic.

If you are intending to serve an international audience, you should translate your infographics using high profile languages like Spanish and Chinese. This translation is not hard and it won’t require cost you too much, but it will increase the virality of the infographics. You will definitely get more social media shares, more traffic and engagements that will increase your brand.

5. Create a short video

Most people on the internet like videos and images. You can therefore make a video version of your infographic, share i on social networks and put it on YouTube. Having both image and video gives you a better chance of getting more quality shares. You can deconstruct a video and add some music or create a PowerPoint presentation that you share to get more traffic and shares.

6. Try to tease your audience.

You can promote your infographics by creating two different versions: a normal infographic and a teaser version that shows the snippets of the infographic. The teaser will attract people who may end up visiting your website.

7. Add your infographic to your list.

Once you post an infographic that adds value to your subscribers, make sure you send a quick email to let them know about it. This will encourage more engagement especially if you have a loyal responsive list and generate traffic back to your site.

Finally, a great infographic promotion tutorial from David McBee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKXp0bzVOjc

Image credits: clearlym.com