How to Promote an eBay Store on Facebook

So you have a cool eBay Store, offering a wide range of wonderful products, but you are not able to sell enough! You want more sales, increased revenue and extremely high profits. Even though, you are doing the best that you require being the Top Rated Seller on eBay, but your competitors always seem to be a few steps ahead. So what should be your next step to improve your sales?

Social networking is the new, improved buzz in the online marketing system. Social sites like Facebook need no introduction, when it comes to building brands and business recognition. We all know what Facebook is and what might it holds on the Internet, but do you know how you can get maximum output from it for your business? Here are some basic, yet effective steps you can follow to enjoy the benefits of this marketing platform:

If you're seriously considering using social media to promote and brand your eBay store, Facebook is the right place to start! Begin with creating Facebook account and follow the below steps follow the exact steps below to create and promote your eBay store through Facebook page.

Create Your Facebook Page

Once you’re done with creating a Facebook account, the next step is to create a compelling and attractive Facebook Fan page. Your Facebook page should clearly depict the theme of your products being offered on eBay. This is a one stop platform where you can market your products for free, without having to worry about any kind of initial investment.

Choose your Category and Name

Creating a page is not just about posting attractive images of your products. Images or videos are not the first thing what your potential customers get to see on organic search results. Then what it is? It’s actually the name and category that you have chosen for your page. Be specific when choosing a particular category and make sure the name you choose, clearly reflects the intention of your page and business. Do not forget to add your eBay business name in the heading to let people know the source of purchase. For Example: eBay Electronic Store

Also, do not forget to fill up the page information completely. You should also list down your eBay store address to encourage easy accessibility to your listings.

Configure eBay Items App With Your Facebook Page

facebook ebay store Click on “Add to my Page” button to add Facebook eBay items application to your page. You will find “eBay Items” button on the page. Click on the link and input your User ID of eBay. Format the mode of visibility of your products being shown on the page. Decide if you want to display your products as thumbnails or list with item descriptions. This can be done using “Items Layout” drop down list.

Making eBay Items Application As Default View For Your Page

This is one of the best tricks to make the page accessibility convenient for your users. Click on “Getting Started” to get to basic view of the Facebook page, followed by clicking on the “Edit Page” in order to view the settings area. Click on “Manage Permissions” to choose the basic option to view products on your page. Click on “eBay Items” by clicking on the “Default Landing Tab"list and save changes to apply.