Posting regular content

Networking on the social media is fun and exciting. However, if you want to achieve success, you will need to use tools that would maximize the time and the efforts spent on it. If you are new to buffer posts and IFITT, then you should consider using the following tips.


Schedule LinkedIn updates, Tweets, and Facebook status updates. At the moment, Buffer allows limited posts. However, many are hoping that it would allow content to be regularly and automatically posted on more social media sites.


You can create tasks such that they are carried out when pre-determined triggers are set off. Tasks that are created for use by the public are called recipes. When you use multiple channels within IFITT, you can create several tasks.


You can schedule a blog post to appear automatically on your blog any time in the future by using the post scheduler on WordPress.

Tips on publishing your posts

It is important to post content regularly as long as the content is of high quality. Just because some people say that you have to blog regularly does not mean that you have to blog on a daily basis. Nope. Unless and until you are a business organization, you should not blog more than once a month or so.

Personally, I would not click on the “publish” button or even schedule a post unless and until it is either good enough to make people laugh, till it teaches you something, or until it makes you think hard.

regular content


You should never be that blogger who posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. All that being said, you should restrict your posting to only a post or three every month and schedule it in order for it to be published automatically. So, what has worked for me? I got into serious writing for the internet.

The takeaway in this: You should start writing about what you enjoy the most. You do not have to post it anywhere, especially if it is a post about quitting your job for a hundred dollars and do not want everyone to know about it, but you should keep writing. You should write whatever you can in your diary and then, select what to post. You could even put it in private on WordPress and then, one day, you will find yourself writing more about topics related to either business or about some other topic of interest to you.

If you happen to be particularly inspired one fine day, then you should consider writing it down in your diary or in your private weblog, so that you do not have to share everything or so that you do not have to publish all the posts at once. Spread them out over a number of days and schedule your Buffer, WordPress, or IFITT to automatically post them to your either your blog or to the other social media. You have to be selective about what you bring out for public reading. Heck, if you want to, however, “regularly” post something; schedule them for every Tuesday or something like that.