Essentials for creating some great personal website portfolios

A personal website portfolio is essentially a self promotion tool that is meant to market yourself and the skills you possess to potential clients or even employers. Such a website should showcase the kind of work you undertake and also facilitate a hassle-free means for people to contact you. A personal website portfolio also allows you to build a strong online presence that always presents plenty of benefits especially for creative individuals like web designers, photographers or even writers. However, creating such a website isn’t a simple task, and there are many factors you need to reflect on to arrive at a perfect solution. Some of which include:

Create an excellent logoGood Logo

The first thing users see when they review your website is your logo. Make sure you design a captivating logo that doesn’t have to be your name. Nevertheless if you are keen on self promotion integrating your name into the logo you design is always an excellent idea.

Integrate an appropriate tagline

A tagline is a good addition to some great personal website portfolio that delivers results. In essence it should be a brief summary of what you do best and how you do it.

The portfolio

As the name suggests a personal website portfolio is all about showcasing your work. Ensure you add screenshots and images of the work you have handled previously to let potential clients to easily review it and determine if you worth the effort of contacting. Always use clear and high quality images as well as links to the live versions of the websites you have worked on. Which should also be accompanied by precise descriptions for every project you showcase. It is also a good idea to include testimonials from previous clients, which allows prospective customers to ascertain how good the services you offer really are.


While a tagline summarizes your skills and experience, adding a services section can enable you to go into detail into the work you do and how you do it.

About me

It doesn’t hurt to add an about me section that lets users see the person behind the website. Try to include your background, academic merits your experience and also a recent snapshot of yourself, which always adds an element of trust.

Contact me

contact me page

You should also integrate a contact me segment into your personal website portfolio. That ideally should be a straightforward form which makes it infinitely easier for users to contact you and ask you specific questions they may have about your work.

Social media plugins

Finally you ought to add plugins to your various social media accounts that will enable visitors to your website to follow you and keep abreast of your day to day activities. Which also lets them familiarize themselves with your core values and other interests that you have that in turn creates the much needed trust to win over clients.

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