Landing Page Optimization Techniques to Try Now

Landing pages are the pages that your customers come to from ads, external link, search engine result, and other such places where you have persuaded them to visit your website. The exact page that they land on when they follow such a link is called as a landing page. Many business owners and digital marketing professionals think about optimizing only the search engine results in way that their website is benefited. But the responsibility doesn’t end only at directing your potential customers to your site. You need to ensure that your landing page is good enough for them to opt for your services or products. Without this in place, there is absolutely no use of optimizing the search engine.

Landing Page Optimization

Tips to optimize landing pages

The following are some tips using which you can optimize your landing pages,

  • Crisp Content – When a reader enters your landing page, he/she will not spend much time browsing through your content. You need to keep it short and sweet. No one wants to get bored or spend a lot of time searching for the information that makes sense to their purpose of visiting the page. Short headings, bullet points and non-monotonous page layout will impress your potential customers.
  • Call To Action – Call to Action or CTA as it is called is very important to persuade your reader to become your customer. Having CTA texts helps you to encourage your reader to take some action and keeps it clear for the user as well about what the next steps are if he/she wants to avail your products or services. Keep the CAT short, and induce a sense of hurry so that the reader takes action quickly. Once he/she leaves your page there are very less chances that they will be interested in availing your offerings. So, make the most out of the visit he/she has paid to your page.
  • Retain the focus of the reader – The attention span of the readers is very low. They may just spend about 5 seconds on your page. So include well targeted content. Have the right kind of color combination and don’t repel the readers with too many patterns. Keep it simple, yet eye catchy. Also ensure that you have properly spaced your content. You need to devoid your page of cluttered content, whether it is pictures or text. Your page needs to look nice and simple to read.
  • Pictures – A picture does speak a thousand words. Include relevant pictures that impart the message you want the readers to receive. Stay away from inappropriate and illegal pictures. If you can get across the message in a simple and effective way, then the picture has done its job.

landing page optimization

Before even you design a landing page, you need to think about optimizing it. The whole design, look, appeal, content and layout need to be based on what your potential customers would want to know. The page needs to answer their concerns and show them the way to the solution.