jQuery Plugins To Work With Date

As a developer, there is a necessity to contemplate a number of factors when developing a website. An application or a web may handle special date data such as a user's birthday, an item's purchase date and last log in date just to mention a few. Due to such variety of data and a developer's preference, he may prefer to use a unique jQuery plugin to suit his need.

jquery plugins date

One of the well-known jQuery plugins to work with Date is DatePicker which was developed by Stefan Petre. His code provides very diverse methods of date customizations based on the user's preference where a user can start at any date, month or year. Not only does DatePicker provide a possibility to limit the choices a user can make by passing distinct parameters into a jQuery function, but also the code is exceedingly lightweight such that initial code can be done with a single line of code. For example:


Stefan didn't vacate after developing DatePicker. He reproduced an extension of it that brings out stunning styles; the jQuery UI Bootstrap designed to convey exquisiteness and ease-of-use of Twitter Bootstrap to jQuery widgets.

The Zebra_Datepicker is built using Boilerplate plugin. It's small in size and weighs around 21KB. Also, despite it providing a mechanism to disable dates and date ranges, it's compact and also offers an intuitive interface and easy navigation. It also supports internationalism and customization of weekend days for countries.

ptTimeSelect plugin is based on Stefan Petre's DatePicker code with added contributions taken from Andrew Rowls and Jdewit. It is used for input fields that displays a pop up widget that allows a user to define time which is written back to an input field.

jquery plugins date

A jQuery Mobile DateBox plugin is a simple yet high intuitive plugin that enriches user interaction with dates on a given form. When clicked, it shows a popup calendar where users will only have to make a selection.

The jQuery UI Datepicker plugin supports animation effects when closing of opening datepicker. There's a dropdown menu that enables you to select your fancy animation. There are also a variety of effects that the users can select from.

Also,among the jQuery plugins to work with Date is the jQuery ClockPicker. A clock-styled time picker plugin that supports both desktop and mobile devices. Also it supports nearly all touchscreen devices.

Mobiscroll jQuery UI Datepicker supports touchscreen devices also. It comprises of a wheel-scroller user control to easily scroll and select date or time.

A smaller and simpler jQuery plugin is the glDatePicker which automatically jumps to respective month upon selection. Apart from offering stylized current date and selected date, it also enables offset days of the week, for example, making Thursday to be the first day of the week. As a user, you can customize month names and days of the week names.

Mobi Pick has been yet another date picker widget for jQuery Mobile designed to support the Android Operating System and uses XDate date library. Mobi Pick allows progressive enhancement for date input fields using Modernizr.

Image credits: sandeep1657tacchini