6 awesome beginners HTML tutorial websites

If you are serious about designing your own web pages then you must have a firm grasp on HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). While HTML is used to design the structure of the age CSS is used for the layout for various devices. Here we have listed 5 HTML tutorials for beginners that will help you learn the basics and beyond.

  1. Code Academy: code academy

    Code Academy is the go-to place for most beginners as well as professionals. It is an online academy which teaches you HTML from the bottom up. From HTML basics to CSS selectors and positioning, you will be taught everything there is to learn about HTML. You can test your knowledge and how much you have learnt with HTML and CSS quizzes.

  2. FastWebStart This website has a big collection of HTML tutorials - some are very basic Some intermediatory. Some of the best HTML basic tutorials like: Changing text color in HTML and the HTML text color tags

  3. html and cssW3 Schools: If you want a simple way to learn HTML and CSS, W3 School provides the best tutorial for you. You can learn a lot about HTML, why it is used and how to use it effectively to build interactive websites. The tutorial is entirely on HTML5 which is the latest standard of HTML used worldwide.

  4. HTML Dog: HTML Dog is unique from other tutorial websites is that it uses a technical approach than theoretical approach. According to the website it helps you learn quickly and helps you master the language quickly. There are numerous resources on this website that will help you learn HTML quickly and effectively.

  5. Easy HTML Code: If you want to build your own website and do not want to go deep into the theory of HTML, Easy HTML Code can help you. They will help you learn the basics of HTML and how to apply it to build a website. You also get to know how to upload webpages, apply for domain name as well as how to host your webpages.

  6. Tutorials Point: Tutorials Point is one of the best online tutorial centre for most of the subjects. For a beginner, Tutorial’s point will provide the perfect platform to learn the basics and also how to apply them to build real web pages. Tutorials Point is praised for its simplicity in teaching as well as explanation with examples.

Image credits: Cenango Web