Build a Members Only Website and Monetise Your Traffic

A members only websites are gaining popularity especially for individuals who want to offer privileged information to a particular group of people. It is also a great idea if you want to monetize your website traffic. WordPress is one of the most popular sites for anyone who is looking for an opportunity to make money from their website. A membership site is based on a simple idea. It allows individuals to sign up after they have made a purchase or paid a membership fee. The payment allows them to access the privileged content. There are various options available if you want to build a members only website. Here are some ways to do it.

Membership plugin by wpmudev

WordPress has various plugins available for making a membership website. The best thing about this Membership plugin by wpmudev is that there is free lite version available. It will allow you to come with different membership options and levels. It will restrict various types of content including support, forums, videos, online content and downloads. The membership levels are unlimited and you can either choose the free or paid option. If you intend to monetize the site, this plugin allows you to integrate PayPal.

WP Member

wp member

This is a fully automated membership site plugin. All the member accounts will be managed automatically. Various aspects will be automated including account setup and emails. It allows you to create unlimited subscription and membership levels. The levels are flexible and this means that the various members can have access to different content. One of the main advantages is that it allows you to time the access to content. Members who access your site will not get complete access as soon as they make payment. It has a login widget that will welcome each member to the site and allows you to view their profile. See

Building the Site

Once you have identified an appropriate plugin you can build your membership site. Launch the plugin page on WordPress and select the “Add New” option. Enter the name of your plugin in the search option. This will direct you to the plugin you want. Select the “install” option on the right side to launch it. A confirmation window will appear. Click on the “Install Now” option in the window. When the installation is complete, select “Activate Plugin.” A start guide will appear after the activation to help you with site management. At this point, the membership site you have just created is basic and you need to customize it. However, before you can customize it, create your “Membership Option Page.” This is the page that non-members will be directed to when they try to access specific content. To create new pages, select “Add Page” on the “Pages” option. After you have setup the page, select your plugins’ “General Options.” Select the “Membership Option Page” and customize your “PayPal Options. It is important to ensure that the PayPal button is only visible in the “Membership Option Page.” You can also restrict information based on different membership levels. To do this, select the “General Options” tab. This will allow you to customize the setting by selecting the “Restrictive” options.

After setting up your membership plugin test it thoroughly. Make sure it is working by first logging out and then trying to logging in just like any outsider. See whether your ‘restricted’ content can be accessed without enough credentials.

There are a few pages that you should allow to all public. First is an “about” page. Build a nice about page where your visitors can get more info on you. Add an email form to your website. This allows your visitors to contact you with any questions. Share good content with general public as well. You will get SEO traffic to your public content and some of them will signup for your premium content. More info: Ways to Promote Your Membership Site, Monetizing a Hobby Blog [image credits: Images_of_Money, photasia ]