How to Attract Links and Increase Web Traffic

There are many ways you can ensure your website is ranked on the first page on search engine. Most surfers tend to trust pages that appear on the first page of search engine, and definitely do business with them. Among the many techniques SEO experts use to boost website visibility and ranking on search engines, link building is among the best techniques used. Quality links will see your website ranked better on search engine. Building links is also very important for faster indexing; if you have a new website, getting it indexed by popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo is quite difficult. Back-links from active site, you can quickly index your site.


Great content is one among the best ways you can attract incoming links. When you publish a content that is valuable, informative or entertaining, many people are likely to link their site to your site. The content or can be written content, audio, video.


Blogging is another smart way to reach new audiences. The more people you reach, the more you are likely to get new links. Furthermore, you can develop a blog that supports your website- this will definitely offers double advantages.

Social networkingsocial networking

Apart from blogging, social sites are also very important when it comes to building an effective site. Once you have great content on your site, link your social media accounts to your site. This will generate attention and awareness for your site- people will notice your site and with time they will link to the relevant content. This will drastically increase the incoming links.

Content marketing, New and syndication

You can also increase incoming links by publishing content on people’s sites- this will undoubtedly generate significant amount of incoming links. To ensure you get quality links, you should consider linking your website to the authority website. At times, authority sites will point back to your website. When pointed back, your site will be popular and increase the incoming links.

Syndicate content to authority sites such as iSnares, GoArticlea and EzineArtickes among many other sites. The articles from such sites rank well and also send high traffic. This will expose to wider audience, as many people view your website, the chances of attracting links is improved. Syndicating press release (prepare a newsworthy and compelling) and email to bloggers and journalist, this will exposes your site. When you have news, publish and distribute through PRWeb.

Avoid linking your site to sites which are not relevant to what you are doing. Linking related sites will significantly improve your ranking on search engines.

Good website

It is also good to ensure your website is navigable and well structured. When your site is well structured, you are likely to get more visitors. Ensure your site commends respect to get links.

If you follow the following guideline, you are likely to get good links that will positively impact on your website. Let SEO expert inspect your site and recommend changes that will boost incoming links.

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