5 Simple Ways to Perk Up Your Website's SEO Ranking

how to do website seo

If you have already designed a website for your business, the next thing that you want is to make it visible to people who are looking for the products or services that you are selling. You want to make sure that it can rank top on the search page. This is known as search engine optimization. The following section describes five ways of how to improve seo ranking of website.

1. Publish relevant content

The first thing to do if you want to attract traffic to your website is to ensure that you provide great content. If you can manage to generate quality content that specifically targets your intended user, you will increase traffic to your site.


  • Each page should have a keyword phrase
    You need to imagine the terms that a reader is most likely to use to find your specific page. After that, repeat the phrase severally and strategically in the page. Most importantly, have the key phrase in the closing and opening paragraphs.
  • Emphasize the key phrase by using bold, italics or heading tags
  • Avoid sacrificing quality content for SEO. Ensure that the content is written for humans and not for the search engines.

2. Regularly update your content

Your site is deemed relevant if the content in it is regularly updated. It has to be fresh. Do not have the same content you had 3 months ago. Otherwise, people won’t be coming to your site because it has nothing new to offer.

3. Metadata

At the time of designing your site, each page contains spaces between tags. This is where you can insert metadata. Metadata is defined as information describing what is contained in the page. It allows a user to know what the content is about so that he or she knows what they are clicking into. It increases the chances of people coming to your site because they are sure they will find what they want from it. There are 3 types of metadata namely title metadata, description metadata and keyword metadata.


This is responsible for page title that is displayed on top of the browser window and it is actually the most important type of metadata on your webpage.


This gives a brief description of the content of the webpage. Make the description appealing so that people want to read it.

Keyword metadata

These refer to the search terms that people type on their web browsers when they want to get to your page. Use different kinds of phrases (called LSI) that people might search for when looking for the same thing. However, do not overuse the phrases as you risk the chances of being ignored completely by the search engines.

This refers to the use of links that have search engine value. For instance, rather than use ‘click here’, right the name of the actual destination. This increases your chances of being visible. Relevant links are rich with keywords and will improve the search engine rankings.

5. Make use of ALT tags

When describing visual and video content, use alt tags, known also as alternative text descriptions. These tags make it possible for search engines to identify your page. This is even more important if you use text-only browsers.

An SEO checklist for your website


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