How to Submit Your Website to Google

Do you create videos for your blog? Then why not submit it to Google and gain huge traffic from it. Yes! you can create Google Video XML Sitemaps and then submit it to Google, and your video will be shown in the front page of Google when searched for relevant keyword. In my today’s article I’ll be telling you how to create these video sitemap and submit it to Google. Lets start :

10 Things to Do After Installing WordPress

You have just created your own website, finished installing Wordpress and your mint-fresh blog is lying there in all her virgin glory. Itching to go over to PayPal and withdraw the ton of money you have made just by installing your blog? ( though it is possible to make lots of money from your website ) Not so fast, friend. To get your blog from start to awesome, there are some other steps you need to take beyond owning a blog – steps that can turn your blog into a lead attracting magnet.

How to Submit Your Blog to Google

I told you about some of my favorite WordPress plugins that I always use when I install new WordPress blog. There I told you one of the most important plugin called Google XML Sitemaps, it helps you to create a sitemap of your blog and you can submit it to Google. Google indexes you site URL from this sitemap, so for every Webmaster submitting sitemap to Google is must. In today’s article I am going to tell you how to submit your blog sitemap to Google.

Tips to buy the right domain name

We all yearn and wish to share our experience(s), ideas and thoughts with others? Most of us would like to set up a unique platform where likeminded people can freely express their opinions? We all have long term plans of creating our own website, because we know that the world is literally becoming a virtual reality! The first step always is finding a good name for your blog or website.

4 Easy Ways to Writing an Excellent Sales Page

People buy the things they need; they just have to, especially those that they need the most. If you carry the items they need, it is the perfect opportunity for you to sell. How do you make your presence noticeable to customers? Through your sales page! Sales page is an effective tool in making that sale, one after the other. Internet marketing is not the same without sales page and through time, this sales tool has adapted with the time.

The art of writing an effective sales page

The world is going the virtual way! There is no doubt about it. It began with online booking of tickets moved on to online banking and within a year we had created an entire new niche in the virtual domain called internet marketing. People quickly realized that everyone was online at least for some time during the day. And they learned to use face book, twitter and pinterest to talk about their products and services.

Effective Content Generation for Blogging

Are you scared by the concept of online blogging? Do you get goose bumps just thinking of it? There is no cause for experiencing these feelings as with some hard work and imagination, blogging is a talent which can be enhanced. Of course, the first step in your blogging endeavor is to create a blogging website. That step is comparatively easy now-a-days though. Examine the ideas provided in this postthen proceed on with self assurance, in building your latest blog posts.

How to make a scrollable HTML table

There are times when scrollbars are needed in an html table. This is true in situations when a table is larger than its container. In such cases, without scrollbars, only part of the table will be visible. Take the table below for example: The table has scrollbars. Without scrollbars, it looks as follows: Making a table scrollable is actually quite straightforward. It is a matter of adding scrollbars to the table's container.

6 awesome beginners HTML tutorial websites

If you are serious about designing your own web pages then you must have a firm grasp on HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). While HTML is used to design the structure of the age CSS is used for the layout for various devices. Here we have listed 5 HTML tutorials for beginners that will help you learn the basics and beyond. Code Academy: Code Academy is the go-to place for most beginners as well as professionals.

All You Need to Know About RSS Feeds

RSS is the acronym of Rich Site Summary, often referred to as Really Simple Syndication. It is a format designed for delivering web content that changes regularly. This practice is popular among weblogs, news related sites and many online publishers who syndicate their content as RSS for use by online readers. During the former years, readers had to bookmark websites manually and then return to them regularly to see any new content that might have been added to the websites.

Posting regular content

Networking on the social media is fun and exciting. However, if you want to achieve success, you will need to use tools that would maximize the time and the efforts spent on it. If you are new to buffer posts and IFITT, then you should consider using the following tips. Buffer Schedule LinkedIn updates, Tweets, and Facebook status updates. At the moment, Buffer allows limited posts. However, many are hoping that it would allow content to be regularly and automatically posted on more social media sites.

Landing Page Optimization Techniques to Try Now

Landing pages are the pages that your customers come to from ads, external link, search engine result, and other such places where you have persuaded them to visit your website. The exact page that they land on when they follow such a link is called as a landing page. Many business owners and digital marketing professionals think about optimizing only the search engine results in way that their website is benefited.

Essentials for creating some great personal website portfolios

A personal website portfolio is essentially a self promotion tool that is meant to market yourself and the skills you possess to potential clients or even employers. Such a website should showcase the kind of work you undertake and also facilitate a hassle-free means for people to contact you. A personal website portfolio also allows you to build a strong online presence that always presents plenty of benefits especially for creative individuals like web designers, photographers or even writers.

Tips for Making Better Signup Forms

How are you going to create a notable signup forms? Online business is tremendously growing. Internet marketing and other related promotional activities are widely employed. In order to perform efficiently in this field of business, you should need to make your site highly captivating. One of the areas of concern will be making your signup forms better. When you make better and even the best of this signing up arrangement, you will be able to captivate your target users’ attention.

Top websites to find icons for web designing

A website with a catchy layout might attract more viewers and generate high traffic. There are numerous ways through which a web designer may make attractive websites for example, using engaging content, high resolution photographs or interactive videos. While viewing a website, viewers usually look for visuals in the content.They might not like those websites, which contain too much information without visual demonstrations. Web designers should try to use different colourful icons within the website content to draw the attention of viewers.

Basic SEO Steps to Get You Started on the Right Foot

The classic saying that the first steps are the hardest applies in many situations, Search Engine Optimization included. So you have a website with some continent in it, but it is not getting the results or views you anticipated. Usually the problem is with the optimization bit of the site. With basic knowledge of basic principles of web design and HTML, you can tweak a few things on your website to make it more compatible with search engines.

How to Sort an Array in JavaScript

When working with large quantities and volumes of data, you may find it difficult to manage the data. But thanks to technology, the task has been made significantly simpler. One of the tools of data management and arrangement is JavaScirpt. JavaScript has emerged as one of the most dynamic and useful computer programming language used universally. The tool is standardized by the ECMAScript language and is most commonly used as a portion of browsers, game development, as well as desktop and mobile applications.

How to Attract Links and Increase Web Traffic

There are many ways you can ensure your website is ranked on the first page on search engine. Most surfers tend to trust pages that appear on the first page of search engine, and definitely do business with them. Among the many techniques SEO experts use to boost website visibility and ranking on search engines, link building is among the best techniques used. Quality links will see your website ranked better on search engine.

Tips for making good online order forms

Have you ordered anything online recently? Most likely, the answer is yes, as a large number of consumers do the majority of their shopping online today. Since we are in the online technological age, the online shopping trend is expected to continue to rise, therefore, if your business has any online forms, you need to get them right.  Your online forms can make or break your business, based on their design.

How to Debug JavaScript Functions

These days, scripting has now become a complete class of web development on its own. With the modern day libraries available, most HTML/CSS developers are taking great interest in coding JavaScript. This can be quite challenging for programmers to handle, particularly when it comes to JavaScript code debugging. The true skills of a programmers can be measured by how he/she deals with errors and bugs. There is a great probability that a programmer will make a mistake when writing his/her program.

6 Essential WordPress Plugins 2015 and beyond

WordPress empowers more than 23% of the internet, which in fact means a lot of websites. The reason people are more attracted to WordPress is that it does not require a specialized degree in computer science or ecommerce to use. Someone with basic knowledge of the internet and how content management systems works can use it without a fuss. The best thing about WordPress is that the user can find plug-ins for almost everything he wants from his WordPress website.

How to Use Tumblr to Promote Your Business

Do you wonder if Tumblr can help your business grow online? Are you unfamiliar with the techniques and methods of promoting your business on Tumblr? Do you wonder how to get started? If you own a business and seeking to target new set of customers who can share your brand and products, then Tumblr can indeed be a good choice. It is a popular blogging and social platform featuring over 130 million blogs.

Top Factors Affecting SEO Ranking

Search engines such as Google use more than 100 factors when ranking a site on their platform. All these factors are not equally important because some have much difference in the client’s market while some don’t have any direct influence on market status. The following is a review of some important top SEO factors that one needs to put into consideration when ranking a particular site. On-Page factors: The way in which the page of your site is optimized has got effects on its rankings especially from the search visibility point of view.

jQuery Plugins To Work With Date

As a developer, there is a necessity to contemplate a number of factors when developing a website. An application or a web may handle special date data such as a user's birthday, an item's purchase date and last log in date just to mention a few. Due to such variety of data and a developer's preference, he may prefer to use a unique jQuery plugin to suit his need. One of the well-known jQuery plugins to work with Date is DatePicker which was developed by Stefan Petre.

Viral marketing campaigns

Viral marketing campaigns are designed to spread an idea, which helps to market a business. This form of marketing aims to put out material that attracts people’s attention and elicits discussion. There are certain qualities that set apart the online content that goes viral. The content has to focus on a positive subject or issue. It has to evoke strong emotional reaction from the target audience. People only talk and share the content if it evokes strong emotions in them.

Top jQuery Plugins 2014

LightCase It is an adaptive, conscious and extendable lightbox plugin conceived by using jQuery. It works beautifully with all the familiar web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Webkit, etc. It also supports image, video, HTML5 content, iframe, swf, ajax call, etc. Documentation Demo Structured Filter It is a common Web UI used for building structured search or filter questions. You can create structured search queries such as “Contact numbers starting with alphabet A and Birthdays after 1/1/1980 and States in (NY, FL, and CA)”.

Using the CSS box-shadow Property

The css box shadow property can be implemented for various display scenarios in your web design projects. Let’s take a situation where you are required to display some text in a div element and show it as an information box with the shadow effect. This will be done purely in css with the HTML being used for showing the information inside a div element. In the next few sections, we will go from having a chunk of text that is not quite attractive to an amazing information box having the same text but with better display.

Web Design From Easy To Expert: 6 Great Tutorials

It's easier than you might think to learn web design from scratch as long as you follow the right tutorials. The biggest mistake that some people make is trying to learn web design in the wrong order. Just like anything else, web design progresses from simple concepts to advanced ones, with everything you learn building on itself. Using this guide, you'll go from learning the basics of web design with HTML and CSS, to intermediate steps like using JavaScript to access an API, and on to advanced concepts like building and querying a database with SQL and PHP or handing events in real-time with AJAX.

Idea: Making Money With a Delivery Company

There is no better time than now for new delivery services to open shop. In fact, as we enter deeper into a digital world, customer expectations are going up. With better technologies, new devices, greater efficiency and lower costs of having what they want delivered at your doorstep, customers are looking for deliveries for everything from food and retail to personal and business deliveries. And delivery companies are raking in the dollars as a consequence of great demand.

Currency Trading Basics

Forex trading is over the counter market, purchasing and selling of foreign currencies. It is the world’s largest financial market, everyday over $3 trillion is traded in foreign currencies. There’s no mystery in currency trading. Anyone can make money. By understanding how Forex market works and some of the tricks of the trade, it’s possible to easily make cash trading currencies. How it works Forex works by fluctuations of the subject currencies.

Promoting Youtube Videos to Get Loads of Traffic

Visual adverts usually play a very critical role in creating awareness mainly because they stick to the mind faster than written or audio formats. Therefore, YouTube has become a great online platform for marketing products and services. However, millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day making the platform very saturated. Therefore, even though you have uploaded a great video on YouTube, the chances of internet users stumbling upon it are very low.

How to Build Web Forms that Convert Better

Web forms are an essential component of any website. They can have a significant impact on your conversion rates. Most businesses fail to recognize the value of web forms and their influence on sales. Web form design, layouts, and copy can determine whether you will convert a lead or lose it. In spite of their great influence, most businesses rarely test or change their forms and this makes it difficult for them to improve their conversation rates.

Build a Members Only Website and Monetise Your Traffic

A members only websites are gaining popularity especially for individuals who want to offer privileged information to a particular group of people. It is also a great idea if you want to monetize your website traffic. WordPress is one of the most popular sites for anyone who is looking for an opportunity to make money from their website. A membership site is based on a simple idea. It allows individuals to sign up after they have made a purchase or paid a membership fee.

How To Promote A Sushi Restaurant

Promoting a sushi business especially a restaurant can be a daunting process to do. If you are planning to promote a sushi restaurant business, there are a quite many things that you need to make it successful. The restaurant experience of a customer is much different compared to most of other types of business. This is because it is created for the food and the decor, the service and even music as well.

HTML Code for Email Form

Any serious business website should have a way for the users to reach you. Displaying your email address and phone number is one method. However, both of them requires the user to fire up the email client or phone to reach you. How about having a quick contact form ? The user just have to click a link and enter their question. Sample Email Form Code Here are some sample email form code that you can just plug in to your website and have a quick email form.

Refresh a page using jQuery

Imagine you want to refresh the current page after a certain user action. In fact, you don't need any special jQuery handling for this. Plain Javascript has location.reload(); function that you can use in your event handler. Example: $('#refresh_button').click(function() { location.reload(); }); Note, however that this may load the page from cache. If you want to do a “full refresh” that fell fetch the page from the server again, do $('#refresh_button').

7 Interesting Ways to Promote Infographics

Sharing infographics may be hard because of the noise that comes along with it. Even the most beautiful infographics require lots of promotion to get quality backlinks and generate many shares. Below are some useful tips, tricks and ways on how to best promote infographics especially if you have them in your pipeline. 1. Optimize your infographic. It is important to start thinking how you will promote your infographic while writing it.

Format a date using jquery

There are many ways to format an a date to display on a page. In this tutorial we will see how to format a date using jQuery. Using jquery-dateFormat plugin This plugin is especially useful when you have a pre-selected date display format. jquery-dateFormat makes it easy to format the date based on a format string. Here is a sample: document.write($ Date(), "Today: dd/MM/yyyy")); The code above prints the date like this: Today: 18/12/2014

5 Simple Ways to Perk Up Your Website's SEO Ranking

If you have already designed a website for your business, the next thing that you want is to make it visible to people who are looking for the products or services that you are selling. You want to make sure that it can rank top on the search page. This is known as search engine optimization. The following section describes five ways of how to improve seo ranking of website.

Animate background color using jQuery

So you want to animate the background color of an element for some nice effects. Here are the best ways to do it. Using the Bitstorm color animation plugin The easiest would be using Bitstorm color animation plugin The usage is simple: $('#yourdiv').animate({backgroundColor: '#fff'}) This will animate the background color from current color to white in a smooth animation This plugin supports animating the color of border or text color as well.

Hosting A Website In XAMPP

XAMPP is a “free and open source cross-platform web server solution package” that makes it very easy to create a web server on your local machine. It is available for various Unix flavors, and for Windows, which is the version we will look at in this article. Installing and running Xampp Installing Xampp is a straightforward process.(Link to: XAMPP for windows) You just download the executable file and run it.

6 Great Ways To Multiply Traffic To Your Website

Every website owner works hard to make sure that his or her website ranks at the top of search engine results. Developing a website is easy, but making it stand out in the ever-growing competition is not at all a cake walk. However, with the implementation of right strategies and online marketing tactics, you can expect to get good outcomes if you decide to play them well. To build a thriving website, you need to learn to drive traffic to it.

How to Promote an eBay Store on Facebook

So you have a cool eBay Store, offering a wide range of wonderful products, but you are not able to sell enough! You want more sales, increased revenue and extremely high profits. Even though, you are doing the best that you require being the Top Rated Seller on eBay, but your competitors always seem to be a few steps ahead. So what should be your next step to improve your sales?

Ideas to Promote a Business on Pinterest

Needless to say, social media has become an integral part of online marketing strategies for most businesses. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are playing a prominent role within the ever-growing marketing strategy. However, Pinterest has also become one of the most sorted out business marketing platforms in the recent times. It is a unique, image-based networking platform, designed for creative marketers in mind. Here are a few creative and unique ideas that you can use to promote your business on Pinterest.