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Viral marketing campaigns are designed to spread an idea, which helps to market a business. This form of marketing aims to put out material that attracts people’s attention and elicits discussion. There are certain qualities that set apart the online content that goes viral. The content has to focus on a positive subject or issue. It has to evoke strong emotional reaction from the target audience. People only talk and share the content if it evokes strong emotions in them. The online content has to be practically useful to the people it targets. Here are great examples of campaigns that have attained success over the years.

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches’

In 2013, Dove launched a soap campaign that attained significant success online. The campaign tapped into women’s perceptions about their self-image. It managed to get over 135 million views. The Real Beauty Sketches’ was launched on April 14 and it evoked strong emotions especially in women. For this campaign, Unilever used the FBI sketch artist to produce drawings of female based on their self-perception and how a stranger perceived them. According to the results obtained from the campaign, women revealed individual insecurities when they described themselves. The video showed two images of the women to show their real selves and how they described themselves. Strangers had an objective description and perceived the women to be more attractive.

viral marketing campaigns

The campaign highlighted the fact that women tend to be too critical of themselves and they do not perceive their real beauty. It resonated with a large number of women. This is among the most successful viral marketing campaigns because it evoked emotion in the women who watched it. This made people more likely to start sharing the video. Unilever also put in place a comprehensive roll out strategy by partnering with Unruly and YouTube. This partnership played a significant role in the seeding and distribution strategy. The video was sent to leading media houses across the world and within a short time, it was shared by men, women, and even competitor brands. It was a positive message and it made women accept that are even more gorgeous than they think.

Burger King’s Subservient Chicken

Burger King launched its Subservient Chicken’ marketing campaign. The company wanted to introduce its TenderCrisp chicken sandwich by letting people know they can have chicken in any form. Burger King is renowned for its burgers but it wanted to expand its market share. The video featured a chicken in garters. This chicken would follow every command the audience gave. This marketing campaign was a hit among bloggers because Burger King’s had put in place a technology that allowed them to type in all kinds of commands. Users found the responses interesting. The chicken was watching TV, doing jumping jacks and push-ups and dancing. Burger King wanted users to know they had freedom to choose. The site got a million hits on the initial day and in a week there were 20 million views.

The campaign was a success because it was unique. Users got an opportunity to interact with the campaign. Burger King exploited technology to reach people in their 20s who enjoy interacting with technology. People love to have the power to choose and this ad campaign made it seem possible. The campaign made them believe that they can have chicken any way they want it and this made it one of the top effective viral marketing campaigns.

youtube promotionVisual adverts usually play a very critical role in creating awareness mainly because they stick to the mind faster than written or audio formats. Therefore, YouTube has become a great online platform for marketing products and services. However, millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day making the platform very saturated. Therefore, even though you have uploaded a great video on YouTube, the chances of internet users stumbling upon it are very low. In order for your video to obtain better visibility, it is important to learn how to promote the YouTube video effectively.

1. Optimize the video title and its description

youtube descriptionYouTube ranks videos based on visibility and traffic using its own search engine. This can be altered by adding video Meta descriptions giving a very brief summary of what the video is all about. Moreover, this works in the same way as SEO (search engine optimization) and you need to focus on the keyword that is commonly used by people when searching for your content and related media.

2. Use video Search engines

Uploading the video clip to YouTube is not enough to create the desired awareness. It is important to go an extra mile and add the video content to various video search engines such as Netflix and MetaCafe. In order to increase visibility probabilities, you need to choose the relevant niche for the video for relevance and optimization needs.

3. Video branding

Some people may use your video to advertise their media and content, and you may not benefit from their promotion. Video branding helps in those cases. This can be done using software like adobe illustrator which allows you to add in your links. Therefore, if someone uses your video, they will be promoting your content too.

4. Promote the video using social media plugins

Besides using social media to meet new people and interact with friends, many people today also use social media to discuss trending music, videos, and other events. MySpace and Facebook offer great platforms for advertising YouTube Videos. Therefore, you can upload your videos for Facebook and MySpace users to view and/or comment on. Additionally, you need to place a very captivating meta-description of the video. Trough social media such as Facebook and MySpace users, you can easily generate enormous traffic.

5. Use email marketing to market your video links

If you are advertising products or services through your videos, and have a mailing list of your target audience, you can also include links to your YouTube videos in the mails. This will direct them to view your video clips and also bring many people onboard.

6. Follow popular videos in YouTube

Responding to other YouTube videos that have big follow-up is a very effective way of earning traffic to your videos. YouTube shares some similarities with other social sites; you must give in order to receive. When you comment on a video, a link to your video is created on your comments leaving a clear trail for other YouTube users to follow.

One of the greatest ways of winning your audience over and enlightening them on what you have to offer is marketing through videos. However, regardless of how great your video is, it is vital to optimize it for viewers and search engines in order to increase its visibility among internet users.
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A members only websites are gaining popularity especially for individuals who want to offer privileged information to a particular group of people. It is also a great idea if you want to monetize your website traffic. WordPress is one of the most popular sites for anyone who is looking for an opportunity to make money from their website. A membership site is based on a simple idea. It allows individuals to sign up after they have made a purchase or paid a membership fee. The payment allows them to access the privileged content. There are various options available if you want to build a members only website. Here are some ways to do it.

Membership plugin by wpmudev

WordPress has various plugins available for making a membership website. The best thing about this Membership plugin by wpmudev is that there is free lite version available. It will allow you to come with different membership options and levels. It will restrict various types of content including support, forums, videos, online content and downloads. The membership levels are unlimited and you can either choose the free or paid option. If you intend to monetize the site, this plugin allows you to integrate PayPal.

WP Member

wp member
This is a fully automated membership site plugin. All the member accounts will be managed automatically. Various aspects will be automated including account setup and emails. It allows you to create unlimited subscription and membership levels. The levels are flexible and this means that the various members can have access to different content. One of the main advantages is that it allows you to time the access to content. Members who access your site will not get complete access as soon as they make payment. It has a login widget that will welcome each member to the site and allows you to view their profile.

Building the Site

Once you have identified an appropriate plugin you can build your membership site. Launch the plugin page on WordPress and select the “Add New” option. Enter the name of your plugin in the search option. This will direct you to the plugin you want. Select the “install” option on the right side to launch it. A confirmation window will appear. Click on the “Install Now” option in the window. When the installation is complete, select “Activate Plugin.” A start guide will appear after the activation to help you with site management. At this point, the membership site you have just created is basic and you need to customize it. However, before you can customize it, create your “Membership Option Page.” This is the page that non-members will be directed to when they try to access specific content. To create new pages, select “Add Page” on the “Pages” option. After you have setup the page, select your plugins’ “General Options.” Select the “Membership Option Page” and customize your “PayPal Options. It is important to ensure that the PayPal button is only visible in the “Membership Option Page.” You can also restrict information based on different membership levels. To do this, select the “General Options” tab. This will allow you to customize the setting by selecting the “Restrictive” options.

After setting up your membership plugin test it thoroughly. Make sure it is working by first logging out and then trying to logging in just like any outsider. See whether your ‘restricted’ content can be accessed without enough credentials.

There are a few pages that you should allow to all public. First is an “about” page. Build a nice about page where your visitors can get more info on you. Add an email form to your website. This allows your visitors to contact you with any questions.
Share good content with general public as well. You will get SEO traffic to your public content and some of them will signup for your premium content.
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how to do website seo If you have already designed a website for your business, the next thing that you want is to make it visible to people who are looking for the products or services that you are selling. You want to make sure that it can rank top on the search page. This is known as search engine optimization. The following section describes five ways of how to improve seo ranking of website.

1. Publish relevant content

The first thing to do if you want to attract traffic to your website is to ensure that you provide great content. If you can manage to generate quality content that specifically targets your intended user, you will increase traffic to your site.


  • Each page should have a keyword phrase
    You need to imagine the terms that a reader is most likely to use to find your specific page. After that, repeat the phrase severally and strategically in the page. Most importantly, have the key phrase in the closing and opening paragraphs.
  • Emphasize the key phrase by using bold, italics or heading tags
  • Avoid sacrificing quality content for SEO. Ensure that the content is written for humans and not for the search engines.

2. Regularly update your content

Your site is deemed relevant if the content in it is regularly updated. It has to be fresh. Do not have the same content you had 3 months ago. Otherwise, people won’t be coming to your site because it has nothing new to offer.

3. Metadata

At the time of designing your site, each page contains spaces between tags. This is where you can insert metadata. Metadata is defined as information describing what is contained in the page. It allows a user to know what the content is about so that he or she knows what they are clicking into. It increases the chances of people coming to your site because they are sure they will find what they want from it. There are 3 types of metadata namely title metadata, description metadata and keyword metadata.


This is responsible for page title that is displayed on top of the browser window and it is actually the most important type of metadata on your webpage.


This gives a brief description of the content of the webpage. Make the description appealing so that people want to read it.

Keyword metadata

These refer to the search terms that people type on their web browsers when they want to get to your page. Use different kinds of phrases (called LSI) that people might search for when looking for the same thing. However, do not overuse the phrases as you risk the chances of being ignored completely by the search engines.

4. Have relevant links

This refers to the use of links that have search engine value. For instance, rather than use ‘click here’, right the name of the actual destination. This increases your chances of being visible. Relevant links are rich with keywords and will improve the search engine rankings.

5. Make use of ALT tags

When describing visual and video content, use alt tags, known also as alternative text descriptions. These tags make it possible for search engines to identify your page. This is even more important if you use text-only browsers.

An SEO checklist for your website

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Every website owner works hard to make sure that his or her website ranks at the top of search engine results. Developing a website is easy, but making it stand out in the ever-growing competition is not at all a cake walk. However, with the implementation of right strategies and online marketing tactics, you can expect to get good outcomes if you decide to play them well. To build a thriving website, you need to learn to drive traffic to it. Let’s take a look at some simple, yet effective methods that experts use to build audience for their website.

1. Incorporate Social Influencers

social influencersFirst of all, posting a relevant and engaging content is utmost important. You should be aware of latest trends in the market and know what your target audience would like to read about. Apparently, when you write content, it is always better to use examples of socially influential people. This is a win-win situation as it will add more credibility to your website and blog.

2. Make Your Website SEO Friendly

If you want your website to rank high on search engine results, consider going for social engine optimized website. An SEO friendly website will ensure that every time someone searches for a keyword relevant to your business, your site makes a place on the top search engine results. Use headlines by incorporating keywords that your users might be searching for in Google. Make sure your post also contain those keywords numerous times. The idea is to give quality content with the right use of SEO principles and strategies.

3. Build Higher Quality Links

Links that can be built from anywhere are no more relevant according to Google. Google has become stricter with its search algorithms. Quality is the key to success in the world of SEO and thus, you should make sure that you look for only higher quality links to promote your website. Guest blogging, natural links, contextual links, blog commenting etc. are some of the effective ways to increase traffic to your website.

4. Use more Hashtags

Until recently, hashtags were ignored by webmasters while creating promotional strategies. However, with advent in the trend, hashtags have become quite a popular way to increase traffic on a website. People started using this strategy religiously in the year 2013. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google+, everyone use hashtags and your work is to capture the most “trendiest” hashtags to divert traffic on your website.

5. Long Tail Keywords

SEO for websites is all about improving the rank with the help of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords use relatively more words and also contain the “main” keyword. This is indeed one of the best ways to multiply traffic to your website for free. All you need to do is target long tail keywords and get set ready to see amazing outcome.
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6. Guest Blogging

As mentioned earlier, this is a great way to create backlinks to your website. In order to get best results, you should consider investing some time to write blogs. Write engaging and relevant articles, and link back to some of the best blogs on your website. This helps you get direct traffic, while building the best type of links through Google.

Follow all of these given tips religiously and you will be able to double the traffic on your website in a short span of time. These are indeed some of the simplest and effective strategies you might want to consider to increase traffic on your website.