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Do you create videos for your blog? Then why not submit it to Google and gain huge traffic from it. Yes! you can create Google Video XML Sitemaps and then submit it to Google, and your video will be shown in the front page of Google when searched for relevant keyword. In my today’s article I’ll be telling you how to create these video sitemap and submit it to Google. Lets start :

What is video sitemap?

Video sitemap tells Google all about your video content. It tells the major search engine Google, where the video is located on your server and what is in the video through various tags like:

  • URL of page where video is displayed
  • Video file URL
  • Video player URL (if necessary)
  • URL of thumbnail for the video
  • Video title
  • Video description
  • How long your video is i.e duration time of video
  • Video tags

So, a sitemap helps Googlebots to understand your uploaded video fully.

How to create Video Stemap

  1. As told before, a stemap has total 9 tags, so use following code to create a videositemap.xml file.

<urlset xmlns=”″
<video:player_loc allow_embed=”yes” autoplay=”ap=1″></video:player_loc>
<video:title>Grilling steaks for summer</video:title>
<video:description>Get perfectly done steaks every time</video:description>
Note : This code is for submitting only 1 video, if you’ve more than 1 video then you have to enter <url></url> tag again and again by giving all the information about that video.

There are total 9 tags and you can get detailed information about them here.

  1. After creating a videositemap.xml file upload it in the root directory of your blog.
  2. Now, sign in your Google webmaster page
  3. Select your URL and in the left hand side, under Site Configuration click on Sitemaps.
    How to submit your website to google
  4. Now, at top click on Submit a sitemap, type videositemap.xml in it and then click on Submit Sitemap button and you’re done!

How to submit your website to google

As a normal sitemap, it will take some time for your videos to get index. So wait and enjoy!!

confused-bloggerAre you scared by the concept of online blogging? Do you get goose bumps just thinking of it? There is no cause for experiencing these feelings as with some hard work and imagination, blogging is a talent which can be enhanced. Of course, the first step in your blogging endeavor is to create a blogging website. That step is comparatively easy now-a-days though.

Examine the ideas provided in this postthen proceed on with self assurance, in building your latest blog posts.

Effective Online Blogging Ideas

In case you are preparing to begin your personal blog, give meticulous consideration to what you desire to write about. Simply do not write what you believe others may want to hear. You should write about the things you like and what is most important to you. When you write about what you are passionate about, your blog posts will stand out with fascinating and captivating information.
When you begin to blog, it is vital to never despair. On your first day or first week, you will not obtain many readers and there is no problem with this. Simply go on writing what you love and readers will be drawn to you.

Focus is important

regular contentAvoid being too general with your posts. In case you possess varied skills, attempt making use of them on a particular subject. Forming generalized blog posts in a manner which is unmanageable can cause your brand to fade into oblivion.

Even in cases where you have readers who are fascinated by different subjects, you are creating difficulties, preventing individuals from acknowledging your one brand.

As blogs are written on a level which is more individual, you need to avoid using official tones when writing. This is going to make it simpler for the reader to interact with you on an individual level. This is will maintain the return of your readers in future to read more of your written blogs.

Build a community

Build an email list for updating your blog. On your site, provide a section for individuals to enroll for these updates and distribute them each time you post the latest blog. The ones who are really keen to follow your blog will be happy with the concept of being informed when latest content is posted.

It is important to select good headings when writing blog posts. Make an effort to include some keywords in your heading; however, make it brief but enticing. Using some ideas and imagination, you can create headings which are brief, appealing and interesting, that will attract readers. Include some relevant keywords and very soon you are going to have readers!

Ensure your blog posts are well formulated so as to make it simple to scan. Utilize header tags, lists, etc. Remember that the regular reader will not be willing to read very lengthy sentences and paragraphs. So, you need to make them brief and precise, if possible.

Final words

You have more knowledge and awareness in regard to online blogging now; feel free to implement these ideas instantly to obtain results. Blogging can bring pleasure and become a huge enhancement for your business, if you invest time to carry it out with honesty and awareness.

Begin now and obtain the profits which are possible, with the ideas presented here!

The classic saying that the first steps are the hardest applies in many situations, Search Engine Optimization included. So you have a website with some continent in it, but it is not getting the results or views you anticipated. Usually the problem is with the optimization bit of the site. With basic knowledge of basic principles of web design and HTML, you can tweak a few things on your website to make it more compatible with search engines. A general misconception that haunts the process is that the website is for a search engine. But that is not so.

A website’s ranking is ranked by real people. With that in mind, making the website as user friendly as possible is a great beginning stepping stone to making a great SEO site. Another nugget to keep in mind in this optimization process is not to over-do anything. When vying for a good ranking, you may feel compelled to stuff as many keywords a you can in one page. Over doing anything in the process may result in some serious backfiring and working against you. So keep it minimal, simple, and user friendly!

So what to do to make a kick-butt SEO, you ask? Well, there are a number of things and a lot of content online about “ten simple steps” and other titles of the sort. Most are quite useful but reading one after another often results in confusion. Here is what we recommend in getting you started right in your optimizing your website and climbing the search engine rankings.

Organize your websiteorganized files

This has a lot to do with the customer experience when in your website. Is it easy of difficult to navigate to necessary pages? Can information be found in a simple manner? When organizing your content in your website, put yourself in the audience’s shoes. As much as it is a site intended to be on the rankings, it is also a site that needs audience visits to get it to that good ranking. Organize your content in a easy to navigate and interactive manner that will make the audiences’ visit an enjoyable one. This also involves having a clear hierarchy of the website’s structure so to make it easier for a search engine to access the information.

Meta Tags

These are the connection between your site and the search engine. Every page from your website will have a specific title when displayed on a search results page. The meta tag tells both the user and the search engine what content is on the page. Constructing a meta tag that capture the essence of the content on your site is a great way to ensure you are seen and promoting your content as it should be. If your meta tag is relevant to the queried item, it will be displayed on the results page.

Keep your content INTERESTINGinteresting content

The golden rule of on-site optimization. It has nothing, at least directly, to do with being visible on a search results page, but it has everything to do with a number of visits your page gets which directly influences your ranking. No one would visit some boring stuff written for a machine, so the more user friendly and engaging your stuff is, the better the chances people will visit your page. This is where most SEOs would find a pit fall because being an SEO implies strict relations with the search engine. Some forget that the search engine is driven by people with questions and they don’t want to be bored while looking for answers. So as much as you want to roll out A LOT of content, keep in mind quality is better than quantity. Find the perfect balance and you’ll see results.


youtube promotionVisual adverts usually play a very critical role in creating awareness mainly because they stick to the mind faster than written or audio formats. Therefore, YouTube has become a great online platform for marketing products and services. However, millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day making the platform very saturated. Therefore, even though you have uploaded a great video on YouTube, the chances of internet users stumbling upon it are very low. In order for your video to obtain better visibility, it is important to learn how to promote the YouTube video effectively.

1. Optimize the video title and its description

youtube descriptionYouTube ranks videos based on visibility and traffic using its own search engine. This can be altered by adding video Meta descriptions giving a very brief summary of what the video is all about. Moreover, this works in the same way as SEO (search engine optimization) and you need to focus on the keyword that is commonly used by people when searching for your content and related media.

2. Use video Search engines

Uploading the video clip to YouTube is not enough to create the desired awareness. It is important to go an extra mile and add the video content to various video search engines such as Netflix and MetaCafe. In order to increase visibility probabilities, you need to choose the relevant niche for the video for relevance and optimization needs.

3. Video branding

Some people may use your video to advertise their media and content, and you may not benefit from their promotion. Video branding helps in those cases. This can be done using software like adobe illustrator which allows you to add in your links. Therefore, if someone uses your video, they will be promoting your content too.

4. Promote the video using social media plugins

Besides using social media to meet new people and interact with friends, many people today also use social media to discuss trending music, videos, and other events. MySpace and Facebook offer great platforms for advertising YouTube Videos. Therefore, you can upload your videos for Facebook and MySpace users to view and/or comment on. Additionally, you need to place a very captivating meta-description of the video. Trough social media such as Facebook and MySpace users, you can easily generate enormous traffic.

5. Use email marketing to market your video links

If you are advertising products or services through your videos, and have a mailing list of your target audience, you can also include links to your YouTube videos in the mails. This will direct them to view your video clips and also bring many people onboard.

6. Follow popular videos in YouTube

Responding to other YouTube videos that have big follow-up is a very effective way of earning traffic to your videos. YouTube shares some similarities with other social sites; you must give in order to receive. When you comment on a video, a link to your video is created on your comments leaving a clear trail for other YouTube users to follow.

One of the greatest ways of winning your audience over and enlightening them on what you have to offer is marketing through videos. However, regardless of how great your video is, it is vital to optimize it for viewers and search engines in order to increase its visibility among internet users.
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Every website owner works hard to make sure that his or her website ranks at the top of search engine results. Developing a website is easy, but making it stand out in the ever-growing competition is not at all a cake walk. However, with the implementation of right strategies and online marketing tactics, you can expect to get good outcomes if you decide to play them well. To build a thriving website, you need to learn to drive traffic to it. Let’s take a look at some simple, yet effective methods that experts use to build audience for their website.

1. Incorporate Social Influencers

social influencersFirst of all, posting a relevant and engaging content is utmost important. You should be aware of latest trends in the market and know what your target audience would like to read about. Apparently, when you write content, it is always better to use examples of socially influential people. This is a win-win situation as it will add more credibility to your website and blog.

2. Make Your Website SEO Friendly

If you want your website to rank high on search engine results, consider going for social engine optimized website. An SEO friendly website will ensure that every time someone searches for a keyword relevant to your business, your site makes a place on the top search engine results. Use headlines by incorporating keywords that your users might be searching for in Google. Make sure your post also contain those keywords numerous times. The idea is to give quality content with the right use of SEO principles and strategies.

3. Build Higher Quality Links

Links that can be built from anywhere are no more relevant according to Google. Google has become stricter with its search algorithms. Quality is the key to success in the world of SEO and thus, you should make sure that you look for only higher quality links to promote your website. Guest blogging, natural links, contextual links, blog commenting etc. are some of the effective ways to increase traffic to your website.

4. Use more Hashtags

Until recently, hashtags were ignored by webmasters while creating promotional strategies. However, with advent in the trend, hashtags have become quite a popular way to increase traffic on a website. People started using this strategy religiously in the year 2013. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google+, everyone use hashtags and your work is to capture the most “trendiest” hashtags to divert traffic on your website.

5. Long Tail Keywords

SEO for websites is all about improving the rank with the help of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords use relatively more words and also contain the “main” keyword. This is indeed one of the best ways to multiply traffic to your website for free. All you need to do is target long tail keywords and get set ready to see amazing outcome.
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6. Guest Blogging

As mentioned earlier, this is a great way to create backlinks to your website. In order to get best results, you should consider investing some time to write blogs. Write engaging and relevant articles, and link back to some of the best blogs on your website. This helps you get direct traffic, while building the best type of links through Google.

Follow all of these given tips religiously and you will be able to double the traffic on your website in a short span of time. These are indeed some of the simplest and effective strategies you might want to consider to increase traffic on your website.