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I told you about some of my favorite WordPress plugins that I always use when I install new WordPress blog. There I told you one of the most important plugin called Google XML Sitemaps, it helps you to create a sitemap of your blog and you can submit it to Google. Google indexes you site URL from this sitemap, so for every Webmaster submitting sitemap to Google is must. In today’s article I am going to tell you how to submit your blog sitemap to Google. Lets start :

If you’re on WordPress

  1. Install this plugin called Google XML Sitemap. Now in the left hand side under Settings click on XML-Sitemap. This will open XML Sitemap settings.
  2. Now, let the default setting as it as and click on Create Sitemap. Once you click in it, save your setting and you can open your sitemap by visiting this link : www.your-domain-name/sitemap.xml
  3. Once you’ve created your sitemap its time to submit it to Google.
  4. Create an account on Google Webmaster and after signing in, click on Add a site… and type the URL of your blog/site. Have a look :


5. Now, it’s time to verify your account. Now, there are two methods to verify your website :

  • Meta Tag
  • Upload a HTML file

Use any of the above two methods and then click on Verify at the bottom.

Note : If you’re on Blogger, you can verify your account by selecting Meta Tag method. Simply copy the code and paste it in your template before closing head tag (</head>).

  1. Now, in the left hand side under Site Configuration click on Sitemaps. Now, click on Submit a Sitemap.
  2. As you will click on Submit a Sitemap, a text box will open, enter your sitemap URL and click on Submit Sitemap and you’re done.

If you’re on Blogger

If you are on Blogger, then no need to create a separate sitemap, Blogger provides you a default option to do that. The link is :How to Submit Your Blog to Google



Rest follow the steps above from point 4 to 7.

We all yearn and wish to share our experience(s), ideas and thoughts with others? Most of us would like to set up a unique platform where likeminded people can freely express their opinions? We all have long term plans of creating our own website, because we know that the world is literally becoming a virtual reality! The first step always is finding a good name for your blog or website.

And we want to cash in on such great ‘virtual’ opportunities!

buy right domain name

Misconception 1:

Well, actually creating a website is stage 2 of the entire process. Most people feel that the design, the layout and the visual appeal of the website should be impressive because the first impression is always the last impression.

Yet others feel that if the content is great then people will keep visiting their site regularly.

We believe that the first and the most crucial aspect is the domain name of the website.

Here are some realistic useful tips you can cash in on!

Misconception 2:

Most people are not aware of the fact that when they ‘buy’ a domain name they are in fact only renting it for a certain span of time.


Only when we renew the domain periodically can we retain it indefinitely!

When we fail to renew the domain that we have rented, it expires.

There are virtually millions of such expired domains.

Bonus tip 1!

  • Smart internet savvy marketers will astutely buy one such expired domain instead of going through the hassle of getting a new domain for his site.

Step 1: Selecting the right domain name:

buy right domain name

  • Specific sites have been created with the sole purpose of auctioning domain names.
  • Individual sites and registrar sites too are open to bids and offers from people who are interested in buying the expired domains that are listed on their sites.
  • Keep track of a few already ‘expired’ domain names that are up for sale and that pique and sustain your interest.
  • Do browse through other such similar interesting domain names that are likely to expire in the near future.

Step 2: Wait and Watch:

  • Browse through the reputed/leading domain auction and registrar sites and short list a couple of sites that you finally want to buy your domain from.
  • Familiarize yourself with the general rules and regulations of these sites.
  • A word of caution: Refrain from assuming that just because you participated in one site’s auction earlier, the process will more or less be the same on another site too.
  • Remember: The rules and regulations and the manner in which the auctions are conducted may vary widely from one site to another.
  • The auction/registrar sites may update their norms and change their policies at any time – so as a buyer – it becomes your duty to keep a tab on such things.

Bonus tip 2! 

  • Go in for a mock drill – watch a few ‘live’ auctions taking place so that you can familiarize yourself with the finer nuances of the entire process.
  • This tip has the potential of virtually J getting you the domain that you are keen on!!
  • It will prove to be worth your while when your auction goes ‘live’.

Step 3: Buying the domain name:

Bonus tip 3! 

  • Don’t get lured by the bids placed by other people.
  • Can you really afford to buy a domain name for such a huge sum?
  • Will it be worth the money that you are spending on it?
  • Do you have that kind of disposable money right now?
  • Remember: You are buying only a domain name – not a website. You will need enough money to keep the website in running order and updating it continuously too…….
  • Think!!!
  • Check out if the auction site has a basic opening bid for the domain that you are interested in.
  • Keep track of the start and end dates of the auction.
  • The minute you start bidding, several other competitive sites will shoot you an email offering you an extremely tempting offer.
  • Stick to your budget and be firm with decision.

Step 4: Do your homework properly:

  • You may be zapped by the ‘catchy’ and ‘zippy’ domain name. You may ‘feel’ that this domain name will work its charm on your website.
  • Sober up!
  • Do a thorough research of the name that interests you.
  • How much traffic does the website generate in 24 hours?
  • What is the page rank of the domain name on Google?
  • How many people end up searching for this particular domain/site name in a month? (This means there are visitors in the virtual world who are consciously looking up this specific website regularly – which is a good sign!)

Bonus tip 4!

  • Remember what we told you right at the beginning? – The first and the most crucial aspect that a visitor checks out is the domain name of the website.
  • The name creates an impact – so do your homework thoroughly.

Bonus tip 5! 

  • There is a fair chance that the domain name that you are particularly interested in buying right now – hosted a website earlier that had generated a bad reputation for itself………bad content, bad design or just sheer negligence in updating ………
  • You might end up buying a domain name that will simply not work out in the long term …..
  • What’s more – you will keep wondering where, how, when and why you went wrong!
  • Do err on the side of caution and do your homework properly – is the lesson that we need to infer from such instances.

Taking a calculated risk, playing your cards right or erring on the side of caution – no matter what phrase we use in this particular context – the conclusion that we can arrive at is a simple one.

If we invest the time and the energy to follow all the above steps carefully, correctly and properly, buying old domain names will only prove to our ‘cash cows’ in the long run.

Once we master this fine art and skill of buying expired domains, we will learn how to look at auctions objectively. We will know when and how to place our bids astutely to buy a domain name that will work for us in the long run.

We will then even think of generating money in two ways using our skill set:

  • Buying good domain names at throwaway prices and then sell them at a premium just before they expire


  • Create a great website that keeps enhancing our bank balance!

Either way – we will win and laugh our way to our banks – because our efforts and our tips were well worth our while!




People buy the things they need; they just have to, especially those that they need the most. If you carry the items they need, it is the perfect opportunity for you to sell. How do you make your presence noticeable to customers? Through your sales page!

killer sales page

Sales page is an effective tool in making that sale, one after the other. Internet marketing is not the same without sales page and through time, this sales tool has adapted with the time. Competition has gone tougher and for this reason, your sales page has to have that power to make it effectively work for your products.

How do you create a powerful sales page? Here are 4 easy steps:

Follow a sales page’s basic outline

How you organize your sales page says a lot about your company. That said, following a basic outline will give your sales page the order it needs so that your customers are able to understand what you offer, accordingly. Below is a sample.

Secondary Headline (sub headline)

Short background (something compelling)
Product/Service details (detail features and benefits)

Call to action

Parting message (may include a post script)

Start with a compelling headline

killer sales page

Remember that a potential customer has only few precious seconds to look at what your headline says – and it can make or break a sale. If by simply looking at the headline and the customer’s interest isn’t caught, they unlikely to continue, missing the chance to find out that you actually have what they need. Before you decide on what your headline will be, try writing down several. Then try asking friends or colleagues as to which one stands out, grabbing the most attention. You may also try searching through headline compilation available through eBooks. There are also software programs that generate headlines but they are not advisable for they don’t really produce the kind that suits your sales page according to the products you sell.

Utilize persuasive selling strategies

Persuasion is like hypnosis that can influence a person to buy. How you persuade through your sales page will depend on trigger words that will effectively penetrate your buyer’s intuition. Call their attention to these trigger words by highlighting them. Use bold letters, italicize the word, and make them stand out through colors. Even experts agree and attest to the fact that this kind of selling strategy works. There is nothing deceitful about it but just a matter of convincing customers should they have uncertainties.

Sell by telling a story

People tend to pay attention to a good story, one that amazes and entertains. Thus, your sales page should tell something worth reading but factual and has to do with what you are offering be it a product or service. Once your story grabs attention, chances are high that you will convince a person to buy because the story alone already sold. Practice writing stories that will help your sales page gain a following using experiences and ideas which you may get from other inspirations. Making your website a money making machine is not that difficult, if you really follow the right steps

Networking on the social media is fun and exciting. However, if you want to achieve success, you will need to use tools that would maximize the time and the efforts spent on it. If you are new to buffer posts and IFITT, then you should consider using the following tips.


Schedule LinkedIn updates, Tweets, and Facebook status updates. At the moment, Buffer allows limited posts. However, many are hoping that it would allow content to be regularly and automatically posted on more social media sites.


You can create tasks such that they are carried out when pre-determined triggers are set off. Tasks that are created for use by the public are called recipes. When you use multiple channels within IFITT, you can create several tasks.


You can schedule a blog post to appear automatically on your blog any time in the future by using the post scheduler on WordPress.

Tips on publishing your posts

It is important to post content regularly as long as the content is of high quality. Just because some people say that you have to blog regularly does not mean that you have to blog on a daily basis. Nope. Unless and until you are a business organization, you should not blog more than once a month or so.

Personally, I would not click on the “publish” button or even schedule a post unless and until it is either good enough to make people laugh, till it teaches you something, or until it makes you think hard.

regular content


You should never be that blogger who posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. All that being said, you should restrict your posting to only a post or three every month and schedule it in order for it to be published automatically. So, what has worked for me? I got into serious writing for the internet.

The takeaway in this: You should start writing about what you enjoy the most. You do not have to post it anywhere, especially if it is a post about quitting your job for a hundred dollars and do not want everyone to know about it, but you should keep writing. You should write whatever you can in your diary and then, select what to post. You could even put it in private on WordPress and then, one day, you will find yourself writing more about topics related to either business or about some other topic of interest to you.

If you happen to be particularly inspired one fine day, then you should consider writing it down in your diary or in your private weblog, so that you do not have to share everything or so that you do not have to publish all the posts at once. Spread them out over a number of days and schedule your Buffer, WordPress, or IFITT to automatically post them to your either your blog or to the other social media. You have to be selective about what you bring out for public reading. Heck, if you want to, however, “regularly” post something; schedule them for every Tuesday or something like that.

web-iconsA website with a catchy layout might attract more viewers and generate high traffic. There are numerous ways through which a web designer may make attractive websites for example, using engaging content, high resolution photographs or interactive videos. While viewing a website, viewers usually look for visuals in the content.They might not like those websites, which contain too much information without visual demonstrations. Web designers should try to use different colourful icons within the website content to draw the attention of viewers. Following are few of the top websites that offer high quality icons to the web designers:

Brainstorms Raves

Brainstorms Raves offers 30 beautiful icons like printer, RSS, tag, heart, feed, pen, calendar, etc. for websites. These icons are in silver colour scheme and their sizes are 16×16 and 10×10. The best part is that they offer these icons for free.

Linkware Graphics

Linkware Graphics offers 180 free music icons like headset, speaker, headphones, audio speaking, microphones, CD, mike, arrows, etc. These icons are available in black colour with white coloured background. Web designers looking for music icons may opt for Linkware Graphic’s free set of icons. They frequently update their website with new website icons.


AviAlkalay is a highly qualified web designer who has a collection of colourful website icons that he shares with viewers for free. He also shares helpful tips on converting one format of an image into another format.

Feed Icons

Feed Icons is the only website that offers RSS feed icon. It offers the RSS feed icon for free in various sizes, colours, shapes, and formats. By using RSS feed icon on the website, web designers might make the website more interactive.


Cofamedia offers a ‘sticky pack’ that contains 36 free website icons to web designers. They offer black coloured icons on yellow coloured notes, glass folder icons, 3D icons, and mirror icons.


Technologica offers a vast variety of free icons. Their icons are available in different sizes like 16×16, 32×32, 24×24, and 48×48. Their free icon pack contains 395 icons that are actually 79 icons in 5 different formats. Technologica offer icons not only for websites, but for software programs, games and other projects as well.


Web designers need a multitude of icons. Icon Base offers blog icons, windows icons and Mac icons besides website icons.

Silk Companion No.1 icons

Silk Companion offers more than 460 icons to the web designers. Their variety of icons includes alphabets, humans, animals, and objects.


Icojam has a wide collection of icons including devices, documents, education, food, vehicles, furniture, appliances, etc. that are available in different colours and sizes.


Btemplates does not only offer beautiful website templates, but it also offers numerous colourful icons in a pack named Icon Buffet to web designers and software developers. Their icons are available in .png, .tiff, .bmp, and .gif. formats and in different sizes and shapes.

Delicious Icons

Delicious Icons offers number of interactive icons that web designers may use in their web pages. Their icons are in vector format.

Adding colourful and stylish icons will impress the clients. Therefore, web designers may enhance website content with these icons. Various companies offer free beautiful and unique icons for web designers. However, web designers must put the website icons at the right places on a website.

Image Credit: webtreats

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Do you wonder if Tumblr can help your business grow online? Are you unfamiliar with the techniques and methods of promoting your business on Tumblr? Do you wonder how to get started? If you own a business and seeking to target new set of customers who can share your brand and products, then Tumblr can indeed be a good choice. It is a popular blogging and social platform featuring over 130 million blogs. Promoting your business on such a wide platform makes all the sense. So how should you get started with it? Here are some tips for using Tumblr to promote your business.

Dress to Impress

First impression is the last impression! This principle applies to business promotions and marketing as well. In order to build a strong presence, you should make sure that you select a catchy page design for your profile. There’s a wide variety of free and paid page themes on Tumblr. You can choose between one, two, and three column layouts or grid structure. Make sure that you find a design that goes well with your business image. Most themes also let you customize to meet individual needs. Browse through the available design options and choose the one that fits your business in the best possible way.

Use tags to let users find your easily

Take advantage of Tumblr’s easy-to-use tagging system. All you need to do is start typing a word that best describes your business and Tumblr will suggest you a number of possible tags. Even though it takes less than a second to create one tag, it will substantially increase the likelihood of your content to be found online. Tagging system will definitely help you boost followers on Tumblr. Make sure you use easy taggers, and do not use more than 12 in one post. Using 7 to 10 post per post is considered to be idle.

Build Your Network Connections

Bringing exposure to your profile will help you build audience, and acquire new followers in shortest period of time. Social media is all about building strong networking connections and leveraging them. Begin with following and interacting with relevant Tumblr pages. Once you get hold on them, start sharing your content and make sure whatever you post make all the sense to your business. Move a step ahead with re-blogging, commenting or like posts from other blogs you follow. Re-blogging is an easy way to fit into the networking business.

Share more than you publish

social-media-concept In order to promote content on Tumblr, you will need to share more content to keep your business on the roll. Since it is a community-centered sharing platform, you should focus on re-blogging and sharing new content as important part of your Tumble promoting campaign. Sharing and re-blogging is the key to a successful business promotion and these activities, when done in the right manner can help your business grow rapidly among your target audience.

Create viral content

Content is the key when it comes to social media platforms and Tumblr is no different. Since Tumblr is more about images-based content, you get ample of opportunity to create unique content without having to worry about typical SEO factors. Tumblr is all about sharing and reposting content, which increases the probability that your content will reach to its new users when well-received. You may also choose to create a recurring theme to construct a unique kind of story line or consider producing different content each time.

From business perspective, using Tumblr to promote your business is a great way to find new audience. If you’re considering using Tumblr for your business needs, you’ll need to get ready to put in a lot of creativity and imagination to create exclusive and unique content each time you share. Make Tumblr an essential part of your business social media strategy and see how it will make you stand out in the crowd overnight.

Viral marketing campaigns are designed to spread an idea, which helps to market a business. This form of marketing aims to put out material that attracts people’s attention and elicits discussion. There are certain qualities that set apart the online content that goes viral. The content has to focus on a positive subject or issue. It has to evoke strong emotional reaction from the target audience. People only talk and share the content if it evokes strong emotions in them. The online content has to be practically useful to the people it targets. Here are great examples of campaigns that have attained success over the years.

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches’

In 2013, Dove launched a soap campaign that attained significant success online. The campaign tapped into women’s perceptions about their self-image. It managed to get over 135 million views. The Real Beauty Sketches’ was launched on April 14 and it evoked strong emotions especially in women. For this campaign, Unilever used the FBI sketch artist to produce drawings of female based on their self-perception and how a stranger perceived them. According to the results obtained from the campaign, women revealed individual insecurities when they described themselves. The video showed two images of the women to show their real selves and how they described themselves. Strangers had an objective description and perceived the women to be more attractive.

viral marketing campaigns

The campaign highlighted the fact that women tend to be too critical of themselves and they do not perceive their real beauty. It resonated with a large number of women. This is among the most successful viral marketing campaigns because it evoked emotion in the women who watched it. This made people more likely to start sharing the video. Unilever also put in place a comprehensive roll out strategy by partnering with Unruly and YouTube. This partnership played a significant role in the seeding and distribution strategy. The video was sent to leading media houses across the world and within a short time, it was shared by men, women, and even competitor brands. It was a positive message and it made women accept that are even more gorgeous than they think.

Burger King’s Subservient Chicken

Burger King launched its Subservient Chicken’ marketing campaign. The company wanted to introduce its TenderCrisp chicken sandwich by letting people know they can have chicken in any form. Burger King is renowned for its burgers but it wanted to expand its market share. The video featured a chicken in garters. This chicken would follow every command the audience gave. This marketing campaign was a hit among bloggers because Burger King’s had put in place a technology that allowed them to type in all kinds of commands. Users found the responses interesting. The chicken was watching TV, doing jumping jacks and push-ups and dancing. Burger King wanted users to know they had freedom to choose. The site got a million hits on the initial day and in a week there were 20 million views.

The campaign was a success because it was unique. Users got an opportunity to interact with the campaign. Burger King exploited technology to reach people in their 20s who enjoy interacting with technology. People love to have the power to choose and this ad campaign made it seem possible. The campaign made them believe that they can have chicken any way they want it and this made it one of the top effective viral marketing campaigns.